Google Maps Are More Popular Than Ever: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-12-18 Print this article Print

5. Popular apps tend to stay popular

If there is any general rule in the App Store, it's that it's extremely difficult for small developers to get noticed, but quite easy for hugely popular apps to stay popular. So, once Google Maps became popular on launch day, it only makes sense that its success will continue.

6. Big companies get major attention

Another important thing to consider about the App Store is that programs developed by major companies tend to get more attention than those that are made by garage developers. So, whenever Google launches a program, it gets a lot of attention. And in turn, that attention turns into downloads.

7. The desktop experience plays a role

It's important to remember that Google's success in mobile has been largely driven by its ability to attract—and keep—consumers on the Web. After all, Google Maps was first made popular on the Internet and then made its way to mobile devices, where it thrived. The proven success of Maps on the Internet made it the natural choice on iOS and other mobile platforms.

8. Accuracy matters

There's simply no way to compare the accuracy of the driving directions offered on Google Maps and those delivered by Apple's Maps. The two applications are worlds apart, and will likely remain so until Apple gets its act together. Considering how important accuracy is, it's extremely important for Apple to improve its program before Google's dominance of mapping on iOS becomes permanent.

9. Users are accustomed to it

Although Google Maps is a slight refresh over the previous version bundled into iOS, the fact that the application came built in to all previous versions of Apple's software means something. For years now, iOS users have been getting directions and finding places with Google's app before it was torn from anyone who bought an iPhone 5 or upgraded to iOS 6. Is it really all that surprising that so many people downloaded the app that allowed them to get it back?

10. Blame it on Apple

Not only did Apple release a very poor quality Maps application, but let's not forget that the iPhone maker practically pushed customers to its competition. After apologizing for Maps' troubles earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said several third-party apps are available that might do the trick until his company's app is ready. Consumers obviously listened.

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