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5. Competing third-party apps are subpar at best

When Apple acknowledged Maps' troubles, the company pointed to several applications including Bing Maps and MapQuest that users could download to handle their mapping needs. However, those applications, while better than Maps, are no match for Google's alternative.

6. Most iOS users are more comfortable with it

Comfort and familiarity matter greatly in the mobile space. That's why Google Maps seems like an ideal option for veteran iOS users. After all, for years the application was built into iOS. Google's Maps, while now updated, is still very familiar to veteran iOS users. That's a good thing for Google Maps as far as adoption.

7. StreetView

Google's StreetView is arguably the key feature that ensures the search giant's prominence in mapping. By clicking the StreetView option in the iOS app, users can see exactly what a particular location looks like if they were physically there. Apple and Microsoft don't offer that view. And until they do, Google will be far, far ahead.

8. The directions are spot-on

When using a mapping application, the quality of the directions is extremely important. And unfortunately, Apple's Maps doesn’t always deliver. However, Google Maps does. In all of my experience with Google Maps, the directions are always accurate and depending on traffic, predict the right time of arrival.

9. The design is quite nice

Google did a fine job at designing Maps for iOS. The program is easy to use, navigation and swiping through the program is simple, and in many respects, its slightly refreshed look is better than what was in the native version. Google has done a great job on design.

10. Google Search integration across all devices

One of the nicest features of Google Maps is that it works across multiple devices. In other words, if a person searches for a place in Google Maps from their PC or Android handset, as long as they input their credentials, that will be viewable on the iOS version. That kind of integration is central to Google Maps' appeal—and a key reason it's the only worthwhile mapping option in iOS.

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