Google Nexus 10 Tablet: 10 Reasons to Buy It

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-11-07 Print this article Print

5. MIMO WiFi is a nice addition

The Multiple-input, Multiple-output (MIMO) WiFi built into the Nexus 10 is something that should be considered when deciding on the device’s value. With MIMO, the tablet can handle more bandwidth throughput than customers would typically find on a wireless-G network. It’s able to do that with wireless-N support. Granted, it would be better to have LTE support, but since it doesn’t, this is the next best thing.

6. Multiple user sign-on

As noted, Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) comes with support for multiple users. That’s a boon for Android customers who are frustrated by Apple’s lack of support for that feature. Upon clicking a user’s photo, all of their individual preferences and personal profile will pop up on the Nexus 10. When done, another person can sign on and get on their profile.

7. Google app integration

Google has done a fine job of bolstering its many services to increase the overall value and usability of its products. The Nexus 10 takes advantage of that with built-in support for everything, from Gmail to Google’s eBook marketplace. Customers who love Google services will adore the Nexus 10.

8. The Google Play store is growing

In addition, Google’s Nexus 10 will come with support for the Google Play store. In that marketplace, Google continually adds applications supporting Android devices. Google’s marketplace is currently closing in on Apple’s app tally of 800,000 programs and could hit 1 million by next year. Look for the Nexus 10 to take advantage of that.

9. Near-field communication with Android Beam

Near-field communication support is arguably the biggest omission in any Apple products. However, the technology is available in the Nexus 10, allowing users to wirelessly transmit data from one Android-based device to another. Near-field communication might still be in its infancy, but it makes using devices much easier.

10. The design isn’t so bad

Google’s Nexus 10 won’t win any awards for elegant design, but that doesn’t really matter. For the price and feature set, the design, which includes a black bezel and rounded corners, gets the job done. Apple might still be winning on design, but for overall functionality and usability, it’s hard not to like what Google’s offering in the Nexus 10.

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