iPad 128GB Tablet to Go on Sale Feb. 5: 10 Reasons to Buy It

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-01-29 Print this article Print

5. 4G LTE is a must-have

The impact 4G LTE has on a mobile employee or consumer is profound. The connection is high-speed, available in more cities than ever and allows for productivity on-the-go. Those are all the reasons Apple brought 4G LTE to its iPad line, including this latest launch.

6. Apple's iOS is still tops in tablets

It's important to keep in mind the value of software in Apple's new iPad. Apple just recently launched iOS 6.1, which delivered more support for LTE and some bug fixes. With that launch, iOS 6 is a better operating system, which is all the more reason to pick up Apple's latest tablet.

7. Performance is top-notch

Apple was quick to point out in its press release announcing the new iPad that the device comes with its A6X processor. That chip, which is also bundled in the company's other fourth-generation processors, is arguably its best yet. Whether it's gaming, video editing or document processing, the iPad's performance is top-notch. This makes it an ideal purchase.

8. The App Store matters

Apple offers more than 800,000 applications in its App Store, including 300,000 programs designed specifically for its iPad. That's an important aspect in deciding on a tablet. Apple's new iPad supports more applications than any other slate on the market. Although they're not all created equal, quantity does tend to matter in the world of apps.

9. Future-proofing is a good idea

One of the best things about buying Apple's new iPad is that it future-proofs customers for at least the next couple of years. Apple might be planning to release a new iPad later this year, but given the rate of improvements to internal components, it won't be a major step up over the 128GB model just announced. Don't worry about buying the new iPad. It won't be obsolete anytime soon.

10. iPad remains the most widely used tablet in North America

It's hard to find a better tablet on the market right now than Apple's 128GB option. The slate has more storage than any other device, its software is top-notch, its performance is strong and it has Apple behind it. The iPad accounts for about 87 percent of the tablet Web traffic in North America according to the most recent study by the Chitika online advertising network. Although Android-based tablets are quickly gaining ground on the iPad, this latest launch might just be Apple's best tablet model yet.

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