iPhone 5S Is Worth Waiting For: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-04-09 Print this article Print

5. An even thinner design, as usual

Every year that Apple launches a new smartphone, the company touts just how thin it makes its phones. Thinner designs are always welcome, but according to the latest rumors, the next iPhone will be Apple's thinnest yet. That'll be nice for road warriors.

6. See what happens with T-Mobile

Apple only recently signed a deal to bring the iPhone to T-Mobile. Now that the mobile service provider is delivering all kinds of new plans and ideas, that could go a long way in transforming how people obtain wireless services and how much they pay. If that experiment goes well, it might make current Verizon, Sprint or AT&T customers think seriously about switching to T-Mobile. So, why not wait and see how it goes?

7. The iPhone 5 is already obsolete

The iPhone 5 is already becoming outdated. The device lacks the big 5-inch screen found in the Galaxy S 4 and the high-end quad-core processor found in many of the latest Android flagship devices, including those from LG. Why buy the iPhone 5 now, when its successor will have the CPU and features that will enable it to compete more effectively with rivals?

8. Would a Mini satisfy you?

There has been plenty of talk lately of an iPhone Mini hitting the market at some point this year. That device, the reports claim, will be slightly smaller than the iPhone 5 and 5S and come at a cheaper price. Best of all, it'll run the same operating system and have a thinner, lighter design than its big brother. It might be worth waiting to hear about the iPhone Mini before buying something now.

9. More Android devices might change your mind

If the Samsung Galaxy S 4 hasn't been enough to change your mind about the iPhone 5S, perhaps waiting a little while longer to see what other Android devices might launch could do the trick. Between now and the summer, several Android-based handsets are expected to be made available, and some of those might prove nicer than the iPhone 5S. Consider that before making the leap to Apple's next handset.

10. Reduced prices on last year's models

Each year that Apple launches a new handset, the company reduces the prices of those that were previously available. So, the iPhone 5, which is available at a starting price of $199 now, might drop down to $99. And the iPhone 4S could be made available for free. So, those eyeing an iPhone now might want to wait some time to get those devices cheaper.

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