iPhone 5S Much Launch Summer 2013: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-04-03 Print this article Print

5. The carriers want it

The carriers are champing at the bit to get the latest iPhone into their stores this summer. Historically, summer is a tough time for technology companies, and having a new iPhone to sell should help boost revenue for all four major U.S. carriers. If the carriers had their way, the iPhone 5 would definitely make an appearance in June or July.

6. Summer launches have been successful

Summer launches have historically been successful for Apple. The company kicked off the iPhone craze with a summer launch and followed that practice for several years since then. Each time, they were successful. Granted, whenever Apple launches an iPhone, it’s successful, but customers have come to expect summer availability. Apple would be wise to remain consistent.

7. It saves time for late-year international launches

One of the nice things about launching the iPhone 5S in the summer in the U.S. and other key markets is that it gives Apple ample time to get the product to other countries in the key after-summer shopping season. Last year, Apple was forced to rush to get the iPhone 5 on store shelves around the world. An earlier launch would limit those issues.

8. The performance gap is huge right now

The performance gap in the smartphone market is huge between Apple and its competitors. Companies such as Samsung, HTC and others are delivering products that are heads and shoulders above the iPhone 5. And it won’t take long before customers see that and question why they should opt for Apple’s product. Closing the performance gap now should be of supreme importance to Apple.

9. Think about the margins

One of the nice things that delivering a slightly updated device does for Apple is help the company maximize its margins. Save for some upgrades to the internal components, Apple’s costs should be lower on the iPhone 5S than they would be with a dramatically redesigned product. That means higher margins and the ability for Apple to increase profits. Who wouldn’t want to nab those profits sooner than later?

10. The rumors have made it so

The trouble with being Apple is that the rumors surrounding the company are pervasive. When reputable sources attach themselves to those rumors, customers come to believes projected deadlines. The rumor mill is widely predicting that Apple launch the iPhone 5S this summer. Thus Apple has to follow through or it will look like there was some kind of unforeseen delay.

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