iPhone 5S Will Be a Bore Compared to Competing Smartphones

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-06-26 Print this article Print

5. A camera that comes close, but doesn't match the Galaxy S 4's

The iPhone 5S will ship with a 12-megapixel camera, besting the 8-megapixel option that's available in the iPhone 5. If that were the iPhone's only competition, the upgrade would be impressive. However, the Galaxy S 4, which is already available, comes with a 13-megapixel camera. If Apple can't match its chief competitor, why even launch an update?

6. No improvements to the display

In addition to keeping the same 4-inch display, Apple isn't expected to deliver any new technology in the iPhone 5S that would enhance the Retina display's visual quality. Although that won't bother too many customers, it should annoy those who have watched the Retina display's pixel-per-inch measure be easily topped by devices from both HTC and Samsung.

7. No storage improvements

Based on the devices that have leaked at this point, Apple is planning to stick with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage options with the iPhone 5S. There's currently no word on whether the company will eventually decide to bundle 128GB of storage into the handset. From one storage-hungry iPhone user to another, let's hope it happens.

8. Only a slightly improved battery

Reports out of China, as well as stripped-down iPhones that have leaked onto the Web, suggest that Apple will be launching the iPhone 5S with an improved battery. However, the improvement might not be major and could only add a fraction of use time to the device. While that's nice, it's not groundbreaking, by any means.

9. Expect the same old iPhone

Unfortunately, Apple has created a scenario in which customers should expect the expected. Every other year, the company launches a major smartphone update, leaving the gaps to be filled by minor upgrades. This year happens to be a "minor upgrade" year, which automatically means the iPhone 5S will be a bore.

10. It could be overshadowed by the iPhone Mini

Perhaps the iPhone 5S will be a bore for more than its features. According to the rumor mill, Apple is currently working on launching a cheaper smartphone this year, known as the iPhone Mini. If Apple actually releases the device this year, then it's possible that the device will overshadow the iPhone 5S. After all, the iPad Mini did that to the larger iPad.

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