iPhone 5S Wish List: 10 Features It Positively Must Have

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-11-13 Print this article Print

5. More storage, please

Apple’s iPhone 5 comes with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB of storage. Is Apple still living in 2008? The world is changing. And user habits are changing. Now more than ever, customers need additional storage to handle video, audio and all kinds of other data-heavy exploits. Let’s hope Apple adds a 128GB model next time around.

6. Better hardware security

For corporate users, especially, improved hardware security would be a nice addition to the iPhone 5S. It would be nice to see onboard encryption come to the smartphone. Since it has a touch screen, couldn’t Apple add biometric security? Given Apple’s latest patents related to iPhone hardware security features, such additions might not be a stretch.

7. An improvement to the Retina display

Apple’s Retina display kicked off the mobile HD craze. But nowadays, competing products are trumping it. The Google Nexus 10, for example, has more than 300 pixels per inch, compared to the Retina’s 264 pixels. Granted, the jump from one to the other isn’t major, but it’s worth topping. If nothing else, it’s another selling point for the iPhone 5S.

8. Reduced prices on the 32GB model would be nice

As noted, Apple should increase the amount of storage available across its iPhone line. If it does so, the 16GB model will likely go away. But rather than offer a 128GB model for $499, Apple should simply cut the 32GB option to $199, make the 64GB model $299, and offer the 128GB version for $399. Apple’s current pricing works. And it shouldn’t change that in the iPhone 5S.

9. A bundled Lightning adapter

Although Apple believes it’s necessary to migrate to the Lightning port, the company’s decision to not include an adapter with the iPhone 5 is a crying shame. In the iPhone 5S, Apple should offer an adapter in the box. If nothing else, it’s a show of goodwill.

10. Wireless charging would be nice

As Windows Phone 8-based devices have proven, wireless charging is the future. So, why shouldn’t Apple accept that and offer wireless charging in the iPhone 5S? Enough with tethered charging. The future is now. And it’s about time Apple realizes that.

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