iPhone 8 Users Praise Handsets' Performance, Report Nagging Glitches

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iPhone 8 Users Praise Handsets' Performance, Report Nagging Glitches

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus launched Sept. 22. But unlike years past, when lines were long and demand was heavy, not so many people lined up to see Apple’s latest smartphones on store shelves. In fact, some reports have suggested iPhone 8 demand is lower than many previous Apple smartphones at the same point in their life cycle. Those who have bought an iPhone 8 have had to deal with both good and bad experiences. Buyers are getting fast performance from a high-end processor and the iPhone’s first wireless charging feature. But there also have been reports of breakage of iPhone 8’s glass back panel. This slide show will cover some of the early reports about Phone 8 performance post-launch and how Apple is responding to any problems.

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Demand Is Down Year Over Year

Early demand appears to be down for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Pre-orders didn’t sell out and even now, units are readily available. That stands in stark contrast to previous years, when new iPhones sold out nearly immediately. Most industry watchers say customers are waiting for iPhone X in November.

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The Glass Back Panel Has a Problem

Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have a glass back panel that enables wireless charging. However, recent durability testing revealed that dropping the iPhone 8 could break the panel rather easily, requiring a costly fix. Apple recommends owners use a protective case to prevent damage.

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A11 Bionic Processors Deliver Plenty of Power

Apple’s new A11 Bionic processor, which comes in both the iPhone 8 line and iPhone X, is really powerful. In fact, benchmark testing showed it offers far faster than its closest competitor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Customers who want high-end performance will find it in the iPhone 8.

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It Delivers Decent Value for the Price

Although the iPhone 8’s starting price is $699, $50 more than some previous iPhone models at launch time, some buyers say the new features justify the price. The iPhone 8 is not a major upgrade like iPhone X, but it provides that handset’s finer features, such as wireless charging and the high-end processor, at a more affordable price.

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There’s a Problem With the Phone's Earpiece

Apple has acknowledged an issue with the earpiece in the iPhone 8 that causes a crackling noise when users are on the phone. Apple said it has identified the cause of the noise and will fix it in a software update.

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Wireless Charging Is a Boon for Users

Most iPhone 8 users have had nothing but good things to say about the handset's wireless charging feature. Buyers have commented in forums that the wireless charging feature works without a hitch and, since it’s compatible with existing Qi charging pads, they aren't forced to buy an Apple proprietary charging device. It’s one of the more popular new iPhone additions.

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Battery Life Is a Concern

Some users are raising concerns about the iPhone 8's battery life. They report that the iPhone 8 is hobbled to some degree by the power overhead of iOS 11. But there are mixed views on the issue. Some users have complained in forums about the iPhone 8’s battery life, while others say it isn’t a problem.

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Users Like iOS 11's New Features

Despite concerns about iOS 11's heavy power use, it's being called one of the best operating system launches in some time by many iPhone 8 users. They note the software works well on the iPhone 8 and its improved apps, including Control Center and Maps, all take full advantage of the smartphone’s features.

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Cameras Are Working Well

Although they don’t represent a major upgrade over last year’s iPhone 7 models, the cameras on the iPhone 8 have been generally well-received. The boost in photo resolution was welcomed by users and the software effects included in iOS 11 make the smartphone’s camera far more useful. The iPhone 8’s camera experience is a nice step up, users say.

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iPhone 8 Plus Is Favored by Early Buyers

As noted, early demand for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is lower than expected. But a recent study by researcher Localytics showed the iPhone 8 Plus is outselling the iPhone 8. In its first weekend on store shelves, the 8 Plus attracted more shoppers than the iPhone 7 Plus did a year ago.

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