Kindle Fire vs. iPad Mini: 10 Reasons to Choose the Amazon Tablet

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-10-29 Print this article Print

5. Easy availability

Apple's iPad Mini is popular. In fact, customers looking to buy the WiFi-only model now will need to wait an additional two weeks after its Nov. 2 launch date. The Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, however, are already available. So, customers looking to get a slate now won't need to wait for Amazon's option.

6. It's not your standard Android

If the Kindle Fire were running a standard version of Android, it would be easy to go to the iPad. However, it's running an extremely modified version that's unique to Amazon products. And by all measures, that operating system version is really good.

7. Apple doesn't have an easy win on design

It's hard to say that Amazon's Kindle Fire wins out over the iPad Mini on design. However, the gap between the products isn't necessarily all that great. Amazon's tablet comes with sleek lines, a nice plastic finish and is aesthetically pleasing. In other words, it gets the design job done.

8. There's no LTE advantage

Apple was quick to point out at its iPad Mini event that its tablet holds the high ground on 4G LTE service. However, the company failed to mention that Amazon's Kindle Fire HD comes with 4G LTE service. That tablet isn't available just yet; it's expected to launch on Nov. 20. But when it does hit the Web, it will come with the same LTE service customers find in Apple's product. Even better, by paying a one-time fee of $50, Kindle Fire HD owners can have 250MB of 4G data for a period of 12 months. That also includes 20GB of Amazon Cloud Drive storage.

9. Amazon's integrated services are top-notch

Amazon has decided to integrate its many services, including Cloud Drive, Amazon Instant Video and its MP3 store into the Kindle Fire tablets. That's great news for customers who want to be able to enjoy multimedia on the tablet. Apple's offering comes with iTunes. Although that's a fine store in its own right, Amazon's tablets are bundled with more options.

10. Amazon customers have no other choice

Amazon customers really have no other choice but to buy a new Kindle Fire. After all, if they're heavily invested in the e-retail giant's products, why shouldn't they try to take advantage of a device that caters to that? Those who like Amazon products have no reason to go elsewhere.

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