LG G Flex Has a Curved, 6-Inch Display. Don't Bother.

By Michelle Maisto  |  Posted 2014-02-17 Print this article Print

Hold down the Back button, and the G Flex offers apps to choose from; tap two, and they open on a split screen that can be adjusted. Maybe a friend emails you a list of restaurant suggestions; you can read her email on the top or bottom of the display (it's easy to swap which goes on the top or bottom) while looking through the restaurants' Websites, for example.

It's a great use of the huge display.

Another great use would have been to pair it with a stylus. There's a QuickMemo app that can be used with a finger, but this isn't a great app. Trying to figure out how not to see my scrawled note of "salad greens, milk" over the top of Instagram, I was reminded of how Apple has taught us all that good tech design means an intuitive experience, versus forcing yourself to learn something. Even when I'd managed to turn it off—after first inadvertently drawing over more of the display—I wasn't sure, the first time, how I'd done it.

There's also the matter of LG continuing the design it started with the G2 and putting the G Flex's power and volume buttons on the back of the phone, to the same results. While in theory it's a fine idea—one's forefinger is positioned exactly in this area, for easy access—in practice, I was always pushing the wrong buttons and covering the camera glass with fingerprints. 

As for the curved display, LG says it's more curved to one's face, putting the microphone closer to one's mouth; but who really wants to hold such a big phone to her head? Just plug in the ear buds.

LG also says that the curve lifts the back speakers a bit off the table, for better sound quality. But if honestly great sound quality were a priority, why not copy HTC, which already figured that out, and put the speaker on the front?

While you may be keen to know that near-field communication (NFC), Mobile HotSpot functionality and a "self-healing" back cover that's near-impossible to scratch are among the G Flex's features, it feels moot to get any deeper into specifics, since the G Flex is, in my opinion, so off-putting and dull that it's not a phone one feels excited to sink into, explore and enjoy.  

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