Mobile Security Is the Responsibility of Everyone in the Data Chain

By Wayne Rash  |  Posted 2015-10-07 Print this article Print
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This caused a difficult problem for this carrier, but the same problem exists for all carriers who have to balance their requirement to pass all traffic against the risk that some of that traffic might cause. In this case, the carrier instead intercepted calls from its customers to that Jamaican area code and let them know that they were about to incur substantial charges.

The remedy in this case was effective since the scam preyed on the fact that most telephone users aren't able to tell whether an area would have such a high cost, but security remedies aren't always so easy to fix. For example, carriers still have to deal with platforms that aren't secure and can't be made secure, and thus open themselves to problems caused by their users, even if they had nothing to do with them.

That illustrates the new interdependence between carriers, infrastructure providers and customers. There is no single place where security resides. Carriers must take some role, if only because they will reap some of the consequences. Likewise, users must have a role, if only because it's their information that will ultimately be stolen or their phone that will become part of a botnet. And infrastructure providers, whether they're building the networks or the devices, must be part of the solution because this is where the data, good and bad, resides.

Because of this, security becomes an effort by everyone in the data chain. And without everyone, security becomes impossible. Even with everyone's help, it's still nearly so, but there is a chance for a good outcome.


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