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Samsung, meanwhile, at CeBIT is showing its own Palm OS-based smart phone for GSM/GPRS (Global System for Mobile Communications/General Packet Radio Service) networks. Running Version 5.2 of Palm OS, Samsungs Mobile Information Terminals SGH-i500 includes a multimedia messaging client, a Wireless Application Protocol 2.0 browser and a 330,000-pixel digital camera.

Cameras are becoming de rigueur: Panasonic at CTIA will join AT&T Wireless Services Inc. to launch the GU87 Mobile Internet Pro Phone, a clamshell GSM/GPRS phone that includes Multimedia Messaging Service and a 2X zoom camera.

In a show of support for Symbian Ltd.s Symbian OS, Samsung, of Seoul, South Korea, will offer the SGH D 700, which runs the Series 60 platform on top of Symbian. It includes a rotating digital camera and is due in the third quarter.

BenQ, which announced a licensing deal with Symbian in January, plans to ship a phone in the third quarter that runs Symbian OS Version 7, according to officials at the Taiwan company. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi, of Tokyo, is showing a Symbian OS 7 phone that has integrated wireless LAN and voice-over-IP support as well as a built-in camcorder; the company has yet to announce a due date.

RIM, for its part, is keeping its devices stylistically simple but is adding support for new phone networks. At CeBIT, the Waterloo, Ontario, company is demonstrating two new BlackBerry models that support GPRS designed primarily for customers in Europe.

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