RIM Unveils BlackBerry Z10, Q10 Smartphones Based on BB10 Platform

By Michelle Maisto  |  Posted 2013-01-30 Print this article Print

Heins and company have shown off these features before, but they continue to be compelling.

The pair also showed off Timeshift—a camera feature that enables a user to adjust an image slightly backward in time, until, say, before a person blinked—and Storymaker software that makes it possible to click on a few photos and videos, choose a song, and view an instantly edited-together short film. It's the answer to what to do with the photos and videos from that weekend getaway or birthday party.

And it can all also be completed with one hand and one thumb. "One thumb and you have full control of everything you want to do," exclaimed Heins. 

And of course, the BlackBerry World app store was also a focus. It now has more than 70,000 apps, but by BB10's U.S. launch, that number is expected to exceed 100,000.

"We will launch with an amazing collection of TV shows, music and movies," promised Marty Mallick, senior director of business development at RIM—er, BlackBerry.

Mallick promised that BB10 will launch with "more than 1,000 top apps from around the world, committed to BlackBerry10. ... No one will feel they're lacking in apps on BlackBerry 10."

Heins said that BlackBerry 10 is "an entirely new way of thinking on an entirely new platform," but added that the day's events were not only about unveiling a new product, but also about "changing a culture."

"Our success will come from listening to our customers. We are engaging in conversations with entrepreneurs and artists ... and working moms—the largest growing sector of the workspace."

Toward that end, he continued, RIM had added a new position. While “brand ambassador” seems potentially a more appropriate title for the lovely, feisty, engaging Keys—who called her new Z10 "fly" and joked with Heins that she'd see him at the office—she's been hired, as mentioned above, to be BlackBerry's global creative director.

Keys said she's going to work with everyone from the app designers to the carriers to "other super women who also love BlackBerry" to "inspire creative projects. And most importantly ... I want to enhance this concept of bridging the gap between work and play."

When asked again later during a press conference what exactly she will do, Keys answered, in part: "I'm dedicated [to this position]. There's a real synchronicity between me and BlackBerry. ... It's about how do we function, how do we manage as business people. ... What I will be able to do with BlackBerry 10 is enhance the creative, entertainment and female-driven side of the company."

Hers was a long, involved answer that didn't exactly answer all that was being asked, but that, like BlackBerry's overall presentation, made a person think: This might just work out.

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