Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 Top List of Hottest Smartphone Rumors

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 Top List of Hottest Smartphone Rumors

The next five months should be exciting for smartphone fans, as the introduction of new handsets will settle some rumors that have been circulating since early this year. Apple's iPhone 8 and talk about the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have produced the most buzz in the mobile space. Meanwhile, Google has some high hopes for its next Pixel handset and Microsoft has suggested that it is readying a new Surface brand handset that will stand the mobile market on its ear. This slide show will dig into the top smartphone rumors that might actually prove true this year.

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Where Will Apple Place the Fingerprint Sensor on the iPhone 8?

Confidence is high that Apple will introduce a new iPhone this fall. Up for debate is where the fingerprint sensor will be located. Some reports say the sensor will be baked into the screen. Others say Apple couldn’t get that feature to work and instead is placing it on the back. Apple, of course, isn’t revealing its plans.

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We'll Learn the Size of the Galaxy Note 8's Screen

Samsung plans to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 Aug. 23. And there has been endless chatter about just how big its display will be. Most reports now say the device’s display will measure 6.3 inches, while others say it might be closer to 6.4 inches. So, what's the big deal about a tenth of an inch? Either way, it will be larger than the Galaxy S8+’s 6.2-inch screen.

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How Many Pixel 2 Models Will Google Release?

Earlier this year, several reports said Google was planning three new Pixel devices: a Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2 XXL. However, recent rumors say Google is planning only two new Pixel 2 devices: the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. It’s unknown what happened to the third version and whether it might be resurrected.

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Razer Wants to Build a Premium Gaming Smartphone

Razer, a company best known for building high-end gaming accessories, is said to be planning a gaming-focused smartphone with powerful graphics and outstanding processing power to deliver industry-leading game support. However, Razer reportedly doesn’t have enough cash to build the handset, casting some doubt on whether it might actually ever reach the market.

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LG V30 Might Go With a Dual Screen or Just a Big Screen_5

LG is planning a press conference Aug. 31, where it’s expected to unveil the new LG V30. Previous LG V versions had two screens, so it’s expected the V30 also will have a dual-display design. However, some recent reports say LG will instead offer a big-screen handset with no secondary display. There might be an area in the main screen that displays secondary icons and other content.

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Is a More Powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor in the Offing?

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor is the most powerful on the market. But rumors say the company  is planning a new chip called the Snapdragon 836, which would offer more power and battery-efficiency. There’s some debate over whether it will make its debut on the Galaxy Note 8 or the Google Pixel 2.

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Microsoft Has Surface Phone Plans

Microsoft has confirmed it is working on a new smartphone rumored to be called the Surface Phone. Microsoft executives have suggested it could include features not available in competing devices. It's hard to imagine what those features might be, but it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can deliver on that tease.

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When Will iPhone 8 Finally Launch?

Apple’s iPhone 8 release date is another source of endless chatter. Apple is expected to unveil the device in September, as it typically does, but it’s unknown whether it will find its way to store shelves that month or later in the fall. Some reports say its release date will be October, while others say it could be November. Apple is said to be having problems with its fingerprint sensor and a 3D-scanning feature.

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Galaxy Note 8 Might Be the First Samsung Handset With a Dual-Lens Camera

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 could be the first handset from the Korean conglomerate to feature a dual-lens camera. Samsung previously has offered dual-pixel cameras with a single lens and solid zooming features, but they don’t quite match the higher-end, dual-lens cameras. That is expected to change, with a horizontally aligned dual-lens camera in the Galaxy Note 8.

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Rumors Say the iPhone 8’s Price Will Exceed $1,100

Apple’s iPhone 8 could be an exceedingly expensive device, according to the rumor mill. Because the device reportedly will have several high-end features, including an OLED screen and a new fingerprint sensor, it could cost $1,100 or more. That would make the iPhone 8 one of the most expensive smartphones ever released.

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