Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Designed to Resist Rough Handling

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Designed to Resist Rough Handling

After weeks of speculation, Samsung Aug. 7 finally took the wraps off its hardened Galaxy S8 Active smartphone. The device, which will be available on AT&T’s network, is based on the design of this year’s Galaxy S8, including a big screen and high-powered components. But the handset has been hardened to reduce the chance of it being damaged if dropped or dunked in water. The device also comes with strong security features, thanks to Samsung Knox, making it a sensible choice for companies and individuals concerned about data security. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the Galaxy S8 Active is the right choice for everyone. Read on to learn more about Samsung’s latest high-end smartphone.

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It Shows a Family Resemblance

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active has a strikingly similar look to the Galaxy S8. Like its sister smartphone, the S8 Active does away with the physical home button and has a narrow bezel. The handset is thin with a screen that covers nearly its entire face.

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It Has a Rugged Design

Arguably, the Galaxy S8 Active’s most important feature is its durability. The device is made from “military-grade materials” to protect it when it’s dropped. It has a metal frame and a bumper that can absorb shock and twisting. Samsung says the smartphone is also shatter-, dust- and water-resistant.

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It Has a Large, Super AMOLED Screen

The Galaxy S8 Active has a 5.8-inch quad-HD Super AMOLED display with an aspect ratio that matches the 18.5:9 ratio of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Be aware, however, that the larger aspect ratio will require some letterboxing for 16:9 widescreen content.

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There's a High-Capacity Battery Inside

Samsung has included a 4,000mAh battery in the Galaxy S8 Active, the company confirmed in a statement Aug. 7. However, Samsung didn’t say how long the battery might last on a single charge.

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It Comes With Bixby

Samsung’s virtual personal assistant Bixby is fully supported in the Galaxy S8 Active. Users can use the service to set reminders, search the internet, get contextual information related to queries and more. It’s the first device since the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to support Bixby.

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The Camera Has a Single Lens

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active won’t be its first handset to support a dual-lens camera. That feature is believed to be reserved for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. Instead, users will find a 12-megapixel single-lens camera with a dual-pixel technology that enhances performance when users zoom in on subjects.

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It Will Run Android Nougat and the Typical App Array

The Galaxy S8 Active runs on Android Nougat and comes with the familiar Samsung software experience. Users will find standard Android apps, including Google Chrome and Google Play, as well as Samsung apps such as the company’s own web browser.

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It Includes Knox Security Features

In a move that could be an attempt to appeal to corporate users, Samsung has bundled its Knox mobile-security platform in the Galaxy S8 Active. The feature includes “defense-grade” mobile security features as well as fingerprint and iris scanners for additional protection. According to Samsung, Knox is used by 29 governments around the world.

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It Launches on AT&T Network

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active is launching on AT&T’s network Aug. 11. The smartphone, which is available in Meteor Gray or Titanium Gold, will cost $28.34 for 30 months, or about $850. Samsung noted that the smartphone will be available at AT&T initially, but could roll out to other networks in the near future.

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There's a Bevy of Freebies, Too

Samsung and AT&T are sweetening the pot to make the Galaxy S8 Active more appealing. When customers buy a Galaxy S8 Active and sign up for both an AT&T Next payment plan and DirecTV, they can get $500 toward the purchase of a Samsung TV. Customers who buy a Galaxy S8 Active and trade in an eligible smartphone can get up to a $200 credit on their device purchase.

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