Samsung Is Putting Market Pressure on Apple in 10 Different Ways

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-11-05 Print this article Print

5. Samsung’s marketing works

Samsung has done an extraordinarily good job of marketing its products. In some cases, Samsung has tried an elegant approach, highlighting the finer features of its products. In others, the company has taken the fight directly to Apple and its fans. In either case, the efforts are working. And Samsung sales are on the rise because of it.

6. Consumers trust Samsung

Consumers have come to trust Samsung. For years now, the company has been delivering high-quality products that consumers are willing to get behind. The same might be said for Apple. But Samsung's market image is starting to achieve Apple's level. Meanwhile, none of the other device makers have been able to establish such trust. That has hurt them and helped Samsung.

7. Don’t forget the home appliances

There is something to be said for Samsung’s ability to attract customers across a wide array of industries. The company is often noted for its success in the mobile space or televisions, but its home appliances really brought its brand to consumers in the Western world. Now, they’re keeping Samsung successful in the electronics business as customers figure that if the company can offer solid appliances, why can’t it also deliver a solid mobile device or television? It’s a fascinating case study on the halo effect a seemingly unrelated product can have on the rest of a diversified company’s product lines.

8. Samsung has international appeal

The important thing to remember about Samsung is that it’s truly an international brand. From South Korea, where it makes its home, to the U.S., Samsung has broad appeal across a wide array of industries. Over the last several years, Samsung has been able to make its case to customers in countries all over the world with very different tastes in products. Sounds awfully Apple-like, doesn’t it?

9. Apple shines a light on Samsung products

Apple has mistakenly validated Samsung products by comparing so many of its devices to its top competitor’s. It seems that at each new mobile product announcement, Apple takes time to compare its offering to Samsung’s. By doing so, Apple is giving the media a comparison it can sink its teeth into. In the process, it’s helping bring Samsung devices to the fore as viable alternatives in the minds of consumers. That’s never a good idea.

10. Blame it on the carriers

Carriers have played an integral role in the establishment of Samsung as a true competitor and threat to Apple. Fearing Apple’s dominance and control, carriers have increasingly promoted Android devices. Chief among those Android devices are those from Samsung. That has only helped Samsung’s sales and prompted the company to establish itself more as an equal to Apple, rather than a second-rate rival trying to play catch up.

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