Seeking BlackBerry's Next Suitor if It's Not Samsung

By Wayne Rash  |  Posted 2015-01-18 Print this article Print
BlackBerry buyout

First, Apple is a U.S. company, which avoids the problems of being based in China from a security perspective. In addition, the United States and Canada have a series of trade agreements that mean business between the two countries has few restrictions.

Likewise, there are few security restrictions between the United States and Canada. How few? Just walk around NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) headquarters in Colorado Springs and count the number of Canadian uniforms and you'll get the idea.

From Apple's viewpoint, there are other good reasons. Apple has been trying to break into the government market here and elsewhere with limited success. In addition, for many corporate users, the iPhone isn't exactly what's needed. On the other hand, Apple is doing very well with part of the enterprise solution, especially when it comes to the availability of apps for vertical industries and when it comes to tablets.

But when it comes to text-intensive uses where the BlackBerry devices shine, the iPhone can come up short. The same is true in other industries where Apple is trying to gain a foothold, including the automotive business where BlackBerry's QNX devices are growing while Apple is struggling. Perhaps most interesting are the devices where it's BlackBerry that's enabling Apple's in-car integration most effectively.

It's also worth noting that there's almost no device overlap between the two companies, which means less to cannibalize, but it's also true that both QNX and iOS are based on similar versions of Unix, which could mean some engineering compatibility, at least at the staff level. There could be a lot of synergy.

So does all this mean that Apple is quietly trying to buy BlackBerry, but is keeping it quiet so the price doesn't go crazy? Of course not.

Plus, I don't have any special knowledge, but if any device company merger makes sense, it's really Apple and BlackBerry that makes the most sense. Could that be why nobody is talking about it?


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