10 BlackBerry Enterprise-Friendly Apps to Help You Stay Productive

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Depending on whom one talks to, BlackBerry is either in deep trouble or making a comeback slowly but surely. The company has been delivering mobile phone products for years that enterprise users have liked, and in that space it's still the dominant platform. And with the recent launch of BlackBerry 10, the mobile company hopes it can retain the loyalty of enterprise customers and project itself as an alternative to Android and iOS in the consumer market. Whether it'll be successful in that endeavor, however, remains to be seen. One decisive factor in BlackBerry's long-term survival might just be its applications. The company is catering to corporate customers and, therefore, must be driving people to download programs that appeal to the enterprise's needs. That means BlackBerry World, the mobile firm's application marketplace, is an integral component in its chances of future growth. The more corporate-friendly applications there are and the better they are, the more BlackBerry and its users will benefit. Here, eWEEK examines some of the enterprise-friendly applications available in BlackBerry World. If enterprise users try out these products, they'll be more likely to find value in their new BlackBerry purchase.

  • 10 BlackBerry Enterprise-Friendly Apps to Help You Stay Productive

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - 10 BlackBerry Enterprise-Friendly Apps to Help You Stay Productive
  • LinkedIn Shouldn't Be Overlooked

    LinkedIn has proven to be an important social network for corporate users. For years now, employees, IT staff and executives have been running to LinkedIn to connect with friends, find jobs and recruit solid staff. It's still a highly useful platform for those efforts and shouldn't be overlooked as a free option on BlackBerry 10.
    2 - LinkedIn Shouldn't Be Overlooked
  • BlackBerry Maps Nice for Corporate Users

    BlackBerry Maps is by no means as useful as Google Maps, but the free application is still an awfully nice alternative for corporate users who quickly want to discover where they are. BlackBerry Maps is simple to use, easy to navigate and, overall, a high-quality program. It's a worthy addition to any corporate user's BlackBerry.
    3 - BlackBerry Maps Nice for Corporate Users
  • Password Keeper for More Security

    Password Keeper adds a bit more security to the BlackBerry platform. The application keeps passwords, log-ins, and other important information encrypted and away from the prying eyes of hackers. And for a free app, it does an awful lot of good stuff.
    4 - Password Keeper for More Security
  • Remote Desktop for BlackBerry

    Remote Desktop for BlackBerry is a little expensive, coming in at $4.99, but it allows users to quickly access their computers from the mobile device. It's a great alternative to higher-priced desktop-mirroring applications out there and would work exceedingly well for the average mobile user.
    5 - Remote Desktop for BlackBerry
  • DictaNote Voice Dictation

    DictaNote's name speaks for itself: Users are able to dictate to their BlackBerry devices exactly what they want typed out. Those notes can then be shared with others via text message or email. It's a highly useful, free application.
    6 - DictaNote Voice Dictation
  • Box File Storage

    Box is one of the most secure cloud-based storage solutions in the wild, and since it's free, it's a great program to download to any BlackBerry device. Enterprise users looking to send data-heavy files to others should consider downloading Box.
    7 - Box File Storage
  • AppsLock-Pro Restricts Unauthorized Access

    AppsLock-Pro has a free version, but considering the Pro alternative sets customers back just $1.99, it's worth getting the higher-end option. With AppsLock Pro, enterprise users can essentially restrict unauthorized access to any application they choose. That becomes especially important when companies are running proprietary apps on mobile devices.
    8 - AppsLock-Pro Restricts Unauthorized Access
  • Calendar Synchronization

    Calendar Sync will set enterprise users back $1.99. For that price, they'll get the ability to take their Google calendars and automatically sync them with their BlackBerry calendars. The application essentially makes BlackBerry 10's calendaring application just a bit better. And that's awfully nice to see.
    9 - Calendar Synchronization
  • Podio Workflow Application

    Podio is one of the nicest project management applications out there. And the company's free application takes much of its online counterpart's functionality, like managing workspaces and answering questions, and delivers it to mobile devices. Podio is definitely a nice option if a company needs some improved project management.
    10 - Podio Workflow Application
  • Cisco WebEx Meetings

    Cisco WebEx Meetings does exactly what customers would expect: create mobile Web and audio conferences and hold meetings from a BlackBerry 10 device. Scheduling can also be handled from the application. Best of all, it's free.
    11 - Cisco WebEx Meetings

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