10 Mobile Technology Trends Sure to Impact Your Work, Life in 2013

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-01-23 Print this article Print
Big Screens…VERY Big Screens

Big Screens…VERY Big Screens

There was a time when 4.3-inch screens were all the rage in the smartphone market. In 2013, however, expect even bigger displays. In fact, at CES, some companies showed off 5-inch displays. The future of smartphones is in big screens.


The mobile market has dramatically changed the IT industry. While deskbound PCs were once the most important products in the industry, smartphones, tablets and even lightweight notebooks are now on top. Desktops and heavier laptops have lost favor to highly mobile devices that generate excitement among consumers and even enterprise users. Given the importance of the mobile device market today, many buyers are likely wondering what they can expect from products built by Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and others. The average consumer and enterprise user today are more mobile and want the latest and greatest features in products they bring on the road. And companies that capitalize on those needs will be far more likely to succeed than those who will not. But before customers can set out to buy certain products, they'll need to find out what sort of features they can expect in them this year. From big screens to 4G LTE wireless connectivity, mobile devices will offer several features to look forward to this year.


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