10 Reasons to Download iOS 7.1 to Your Apple Device

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2014-03-12 Print this article Print

Apple released its first major update to its iOS 7 mobile operating system on March 1. The update, iOS 7.1, is available now for free to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners, and includes a wide array of bug fixes, security enhancements and refinements to the operating system's user interface. Apple's iOS 7.1 will likely be the last major iOS 7 update until the company unveils iOS 8 at its Worldwide Developers Conference later this year. Historically, Apple's updates to iOS aren't major operating system revisions. But due to security concerns and significant new features, iOS 7.1 is one that people should strongly consider downloading, assuming they have a device with the storage capacity and processing power to accommodate the improvement. With those factors in mind, now is a good time to offer up a primer on iOS 7.1 and discuss exactly why it makes sense for anyone who uses an iOS 7 mobile device to acquire the upgrade. Read on to find out what new features and security enhancements make iOS 7.1 worth downloading.

  • 10 Reasons to Download iOS 7.1 to Your Apple Device

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - 10 Reasons to Download iOS 7.1 to Your Apple Device
  • CarPlay Support

    Apple last month announced CarPlay, a service that will allow iPhone owners to have full Siri, iTunes and Messages integration in cars equipped to work with the platform. Considering some automakers are launching models this year with CarPlay included, Apple integrated that feature into iOS 7.1. Although you won't get much use out of it right now, that might change soon.
    1 - CarPlay Support
  • Take More Control Over Siri

    One of the biggest issues with Siri in iOS 7 was that it would guess when the user was done talking. That would at times delay responses and in other cases cause inaccuracies. To fix that, iOS 7.1 includes a feature that now lets users manually control Siri. Now, Siri turns on when the home button is held down and stops listening once it's released. It makes the experience much quicker.
    3 - Take More Control Over Siri
  • iTunes Radio Is More User-Friendly

    Although the main updates to iTunes Radio focus on making it easier to buy music, Apple has also added a search field above Featured Stations to make it easier to create new stations. It's a small update, sure, but it's an important one for those who create a lot of stations.
    4 - iTunes Radio Is More User-Friendly
  • Calendar I Finally Available in Month View

    In iOS 7, to see an entire month's worth of events, users would need to click on an icon. The app has now been given an important upgrade, allowing users to see an entire month's view in a single pane right out of the gate. This feature is one of the most sought-after upgrades, based on Apple forum discussions, so it's nice to see Apple listening to its users.
    5 - Calendar I Finally Available in Month View
  • iOS 7 Might Actually Work Well on iPhone 4

    When iOS 7 launched, iPhone 4 owners said the operating system delivered a downright awful experience on their older handset. Apple has addressed that issue in iOS 7.1, making the operating system more responsive and smoother for iPhone 4 owners. The experience isn't perfect, but it's certainly better.
    6 - iOS 7 Might Actually Work Well on iPhone 4
  • A Nicer-Looking User Interface

    Some minor user interface upgrades have made their way to iOS 7.1. For one thing, the lock screen and call-answer screens are slightly redesigned and feature a nicer look. Apple has also improved transitions between apps and refined spots where design enhancements were needed. Overall, the company did a fine job improving the user interface.
    7 - A Nicer-Looking User Interface
  • iPhone 5S Improvements All Around

    iPhone 5S owners should be quite happy with what they find in iOS 7.1. The software has improved Touch ID fingerprint detection and automatically enables the HDR feature in the iPhone 5S camera settings. Apple has also addressed some bugs that affected iPhone 5S owners more prominently than others. All in all, it's a nice upgrade for those folks.
    8 - iPhone 5S Improvements All Around
  • So Long, Soft Reset Bug

    A huge group of people in the Apple Support forums have been complaining about a soft reset bug in iOS 7 that results in occasional application crashes that cause users to lose all their work, such as email drafts, browsing history, notes and incomplete Web data entries. Apple says that issue has been fixed.
    9 - So Long, Soft Reset Bug
  • Better Accessibility

    Accessibility features are extremely important to many iOS users. That's why Apple spent considerable time upgrading accessibility in iOS 7.1. The operating system now includes a bold font feature, reduced motion for animations, and the ability to modify button shapes, app colors and white points. Those who require the accessibility features will be quite pleased by what they find.
    10 - Better Accessibility
  • It Just Feels Quicker

    After downloading iOS 7.1, users should see a significant improvement in the operating system's overall functionality. From opening apps to transitioning between programs to simply handling tasks, iOS 7.1 feels a bit quicker and more responsive than its predecessor. That alone might be enough to get users to download iOS 7.1.
    11 - It Just Feels Quicker

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