10 Ridiculous Gadgets That Actually Do Something Worthwhile

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Although the technology world is ruled by devices like the iPhone and iPad that get all of the attention, it's also filled with a wide array of products that are designed to solve the sometimes annoying, sometimes wacky needs technology lovers have. For every iPhone, in other words, there's a device that will open your beer bottle. And for every iPad, there's undoubtedly someone wearing a device that will tell them what time it is on Mars at any given moment. Maybe that Mars watch isn't all that impressive or necessary, but believe it or not, there are a number of products available right now that, while totally ridiculous at first blush, might actually prove useful in the average person's life. The technology industry started as a place for geeks to have neat devices to solve simple problems. And although it's grown up into a space that allows everyone to have products to solve major issues, there are still quite a few devices out there that can solve life's little woes. In this slide show, we look at those kinds of products—ridiculous gadgets that, surprisingly, might come in handy in your life. The following list might elicit a few chuckles, but it might also get you to buy some of these products.

  • 10 Ridiculous Gadgets That Actually Do Something Worthwhile

    By Don Reisinger
    0_10 Ridiculous Gadgets That Actually Do Something Worthwhile
  • Secrid Aluminum Cardprotector

    The days of pickpocketing are over. Those who are in the know use RFID to swipe credit card information without ever taking a wallet out of a pocket. That's where the $40 Secrid Aluminum Cardprotector comes in. The device holds up to six credit cards and blocks all RFID signals. The result? Ultimate security.
    1_Secrid Aluminum Cardprotector
  • Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens System

    Those who own the latest iPhones can get more out of the device's camera with help from the Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens System. The device, which sets customers back $70, supports fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses, and can change the way both photos and videos are taken on the iPhone. But be aware that it's a little bulky, so it won't fit easily into a pocket.
    2_Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens System
  • Close Focus Monocular for iPhone 5

    Want to look even more ridiculous with the iPhone's built-in camera? Look no further than the Close Focus 7x188mm Monocular for iPhone 5. The monocular is designed to provide a better zoom for the smartphone's built-in camera, and for $24.99, it's awfully cheap.
    3_Close Focus Monocular for iPhone 5
  • HD Video Camera Spy Pen

    Those who have some untrustworthy friends might want to look at the HD Video Camera Spy Pen. The device acts as a pen, but comes with a built-in video camera that supports 720p video and up to 4GB of storage. It's a nice way to spy on people for only $50.
    4_HD Video Camera Spy Pen
  • Scrolling LED Name Tag

    Those who attend corporate events and need a nametag should ditch the boring stickers and go for something like the Scrolling LED Name Tag. The $30 device holds up to six messages at a time and will scroll across the screen with help from LEDs. Even better, it can be programmed without the need for a computer.
    5_Scrolling LED Name Tag
  • Bluetooth Handset Gloves

    Who really wants to hold a smartphone when it's cold out? That's where the Bluetooth Handset Gloves come in. The gloves, which cost $70, not only keep your hands warm, but also connect wirelessly to smartphones through Bluetooth. From there, users need only to put their fingers up to their face and talk into their pinky. Not bad, huh?
    6_Bluetooth Handset Gloves
  • Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

    The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the most interesting items in this roundup. The device, which is essentially a blood pressure cuff, hooks into the iPhone and assesses a person's blood pressure. From there, users can keep a history and show trends from their iPhone to their doctor. The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor costs customers $100.
    7_Withings Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Hidden Wall Safe

    Gadget lovers hoping to hide their valuables in places where crooks would never look should consider the Hidden Wall Safe. The safe acts as a wall outlet cover, but when opened, reveals a space in which owners can store their valuables. It's a great value for $7.99.
    8_Hidden Wall Safe
  • Portal Turret LED Flashlight With Sound

    "Portal," the video game, has taken the gaming world by storm. So, it's no surprise that someone has come up with a replica of the Portal Turret for real-world customers. The Turret comes with an LED flashlight and turret sound effects to make it just a little bit cooler. And at $9.99, it's cheap enough for anyone who loves "Portal" to pick up.
    9_Portal Turret LED Flashlight With Sound
  • USB Mushroom Lamp

    Continuing on the gaming theme, the USB Mushroom Lamp is arguably one of the coolest devices in this roundup. The small, push-to-turn-on lamp looks exactly like the mushrooms in "Super Mario" games. And best of all, it'll light up a room without trouble. What's not to like about the $10 device?
    10_USB Mushroom Lamp
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