10 Things Steve Jobs Would Have Done Differently at Apple in 2012

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-10-02 Print this article Print
There Would Be No Maps

There Would Be No Maps

As just about everyone has pointed out already, Apple's Maps application is one, big mistake. The application lacks key features, delivers incorrect information and has made Apple look bad. Steve Jobs would have never let such a poor-quality app launch under his watch. To him, such a mess would have been absolutely unacceptable.


Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was inspired and inspiring. When he co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak, he wanted to create a computer that was naturally intuitive so the average person could use it effectively with minimal training or practice. Jobs stuck to that basic design goal with product after product as Apple grew. After Apple’s board of directors made the misguided decision to dismiss Jobs, he returned a few years later barely in the nick of time to rescue the company he founded from an ignominious bargain buyout by Sun Microsystems. He returned the company to a creative vigor almost unheard of in American business history. Jobs did that by introducing the iPod and revitalizing the Macintosh computer line. Later, the company broke new ground by moving into the mobile market with the revolutionary iPhone and next the iPad. In the meantime, he also proved that Apple’s App Stores could be a big business selling mobile applications. Last year, unfortunately, Jobs died after a long battle with cancer. And for more than a year, his successor, Tim Cook, has been running the company. If one examines Apple’s financials, Cook might look like a fine leader. But someone examining the decisions made over the last year is apt to wonder if Jobs would have done the same. This slide show looks at the many things Jobs probably would have done differently if he was still leading Apple over the past year:


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