10 Top Apple Apps for Today's Business Traveler

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The 21st century road warriors and international business travelers of the world live in an age where time is of the essence and navigating foreign landscapes requires quick thinking, careful planning and a fully charged mobile device to keep you connected while on the go. With today's businesses embracing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and the prevalence of smartphones, tablets and an ever-increasing number of applications, road warriors are more mobile than ever. When you're on the road, chances are you'll need to find an app to help you navigate the highways, city streets and airports of your final destination.

Navigating the actual world is one test, but negotiating your way through conferences and business meetings is quite another, and keeping yourself organized is as critical as getting to the airport on time. With that in mind, eWEEk presents a selection of applications from Apple's voluminous App Store, where you'll find nearly everything you need to book flights, organize contacts and find the perfect meal to reward yourself after a long day of meetings.

  • 10 Top Apple Apps for Today's Business Traveler

    By Nathan Eddy
    0-10 Top Apple Apps for Today's Business Traveler
  • Pull Your Trip Together With Travel List

    For $1.99, this nicely designed app features a fully customizable packing list that can be organized by category, as well as an Auto Reminder feature in case you forget something. The app also offers a scheduling feature so that you don't miss your scheduled departure times.
    1-Pull Your Trip Together With Travel List
  • Gas Buddy Helps You Find Cheap Gas Prices

    If you're out looking to save a bit on filling up the tank, this app, which compiles gas price information from its vast user base, will help you find the nearest and least expensive filling station. Users who share information also earn points and could win free gas fill-ups – not bad.
    2-Gas Buddy Helps You Find Cheap Gas Prices
  • Kayak Makes the Sailing Smoother

    This free app (the Pro version costs 99 cents) gets you the best prices and availability for car rentals, hotel accommodations and flight bookings. With flight tracker and My Trips, you can have your itinerary organized in a snap.
    3-Kayak Makes the Sailing Smoother
  • Kurrency Keeps Your Conversions Correct

    The first currency app to hit the market with a design mimicking Apple's new iOS 7 design approach, this clean and intuitive currency converter was downloaded more than 15,000 times in its first two days on the market. If you're going to be traveling abroad, this conversion app could come in handy.
    4-Kurrency Keeps Your Conversions Correct
  • If You Need Help, Just Yelp

    It's hard trying to find restaurants, cafes and bars that have an authentic feel to them when you're in a city you don't know much about, but Yelp helps out by offering a near-overwhelming assortment of dining and entertainment options. You can also make reservations using Open Table without leaving the Yelp app.
    5-If You Need Help, Just Yelp
  • iTranslate Voice Spells It All Out for You

    Being in a foreign country is stressful even if you don't have to say anything, but if you're traveling for business, having this app could go a long way to making the trip smoother. Just speak into the phone and the app translates what you said into one of 36 languages.
    6-iTranslate Voice Spells It All Out for You
  • AirportChatter Makes Lounging More Livable

    Downtime in airports can be a nightmare of boredom, but this app is trying to change that by providing users with detailed reviews of major airports and what they offer. You can also share your own experiences. The Radar feature allows you to connect with fellow travelers nearby, too.
    7-AirportChatter Makes Lounging More Livable
  • Falcon Gives You Convention Navigation Capabilities

    Ever gotten lost in a convention hall? Don't lie; just say yes. Falcon works like a compass, with your destination as the North Star. Perfect for finding your way through parking lots, college campuses and, yes, at conventions.
    8-Falcon Gives You Convention Navigation Capabilities
  • Automilez Keeps Your Journey Recorded

    Although one of the more expensive apps on this list at $4.99, Automilez provides a great service – allowing you to easily track your mileage through the GPS capability on the iPhone. It then generates detailed mileage logs after every trip so you can file the most accurate deductions possible.
    9-Automilez Keeps Your Journey Recorded
  • Make Your Move With RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder

    Text: This app helps you find the best highway exit depending on your travel needs—whether it's meeting business colleagues for dinner, looking for late-night lodging, or in desperate need to fill up that gas tank.
    10-Make Your Move With RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder
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