10 Types of People Likely to Buy Google Glass in Latest Sales Round

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2014-05-15 Print this article Print

Google Glass is available again in the U.S. Google says that as long as supplies last, customers can pick up a pair of the digital eyeglasses for the same $1,500 Explorers were paying in earlier beta test sales of the Web-connected eyewear. For that sum, customers get the device and access to all of the bundled apps that are intended to make Google Glass a different and interesting wearable option for customers across the U.S. But as the search giant expands Glass availability to more Americans, questions arise about what segments of the tech-savvy population might be most attracted to the eyewear. Certainly those who are less likely to be early adopters of any new and largely untried technology won't want any part of Glass, considering its price tag and the fact that it is still a beta product. It will be even hard for those on a budget to even consider becoming an early purchaser of Google Glass. Still, there are quite a few people out there who will plunk down the cash to get their hands on Glass. Read on to find out what types of consumers are most likely to buy Google Glass.

  • 10 Types of People Likely to Buy Google Glass in Latest Sales Round

    By Don Reisinger
    10 Types of People Likely to Buy Google Glass in Latest Sales Round
  • Wearable Device Owners

    Those who are already into wearable devices will love what they find in Google Glass. The eyewear is totally different from any other wearable device on the market, and it works quite well for those who want to quickly snap photos or track their movements. Wearables lovers will adore Google Glass.
    Wearable Device Owners
  • Google Fans

    Google fans will obviously want to try out Google Glass. For years, those folks have remained faithful to Google, and it's no surprise that many of them believe Glass is the future of wearable technology. Google fans are as rabidly behind their company as Apple fans are behind Apple, which is why Glass will top their wish lists.
    Google Fans
  • Android Handset Owners

    It would only make sense that Android handset owners would want to use Google Glass. Google's wearable software is based on Android, and the software experiences are somewhat similar to what folks would find on their Android-based smartphones. It's not a jump, therefore, for current Android device owners to go to Google Glass and feel at home.
    Android Handset Owners
  • Chronic Early Adopters Who Will Always Buy the Latest Gadget

    The first consumers to want to get their hands on Google Glass will almost certainly be those early adopters who chase the latest electronic gadgets like a hunter pursues big game trophies. That segment of the market is big, and its core activity is to focus almost entirely on new products and buy them up as soon as they hit store shelves. As someone who's an early adopter, I can appreciate the desire to have the latest and greatest tech now. The trouble is, sometimes we get burned.
    Chronic Early Adopters Who Will Always Buy the Latest Gadget
  • Explorer-Wannabes

    Many people who signed up to become a Google Glass Explorer never had the opportunity to actually make the list and get the eyewear before its public launch. For those folks, the public launch means an opportunity to get a device they have waited on for several months. Expect them to have Google Glass in-hand in no time.
  • Those With Money to Burn

    No doubt about it: Google Glass is expensive. The eyewear costs $1,500, which is an awful lot of money for the vast majority of folks who don't see so much value in the eyewear. For those with money to burn, however, Google Glass might be a fun toy to play with and try out.
    Those With Money to Burn
  • App Developers

    App developers should definitely get their hands on Google Glass. Since developers will be creating the third-party software that will enhance the Glass experience, not getting the device might be a mistake. Google Glass needs developers, and if they're smart, developers will jump at the chance to get the search giant's eyewear.
    App Developers
  • Photographers

    Google Glass does several things that will make photographers happy. The device provides an interesting perspective for photos, and with a simple blink of the eye it can capture an important moment. The device also supports video recording, so it might also be a suitable option for video photographers.
  • Competitors

    Competitors will surreptitiously get their hands on Google Glass. Whether it's Apple, Microsoft or small startups, there are several companies out there right now thinking seriously about their place in the wearables market. And understanding Google Glass and determining how it can be beaten is paramount for those competitors.
  • The Hype-Affected Market Segment

    There are some customers who simply hear about a product, believe all of the hype surrounding it, and think that they should jump at buying it. Those hype-affected customers are easy pickings for Google and the like and will undoubtedly be plunking down $1,500 to get Google Glass. Massive amounts of hype truly works—just ask Apple.
    The Hype-Affected Market Segment
Don Reisinger is a freelance technology columnist. He started writing about technology for Ziff-Davis' Gearlog.com. Since then, he has written extremely popular columns for CNET.com, Computerworld, InformationWeek, and others. He has appeared numerous times on national television to share his expertise with viewers. You can follow his every move at http://twitter.com/donreisinger.

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