Amazon's Smartphone Design: 10 Features We Want to See

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Rumors are rife that Amazon is working on a smartphone. A recent leak showed an Amazon device pictured in a case and coming with what appeared to be four camera lenses around the corners of the handset. Details on the device's design are slim at this point, but if the leaks and all of the past rumors are true, it appears Amazon will be launching a new handset sooner rather than later. That Amazon is planning to launch a smartphone has prompted many mobile market watchers to speculate on what the company might be planning to do. Amazon, like Apple, does a generally fine job of keeping its ideas and plans close to the vest. But that hasn't stopped some leaks from coming out of its supply chain or industry pundits from guessing what the company might have up its sleeve. But the lack of details is an invitation to offer some suggestions about some of the features that smartphone users might like to see in the prospective device. From a nice, big screen to that 3D feature we've been hearing about, the following slides will outline some of the features that should be included in Amazon's long-rumored smartphone to give it the best chance of catching buyers' eyes.

  • Amazon's Smartphone Design: 10 Features We Want to See

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - Amazon's Smartphone Design: 10 Features We Want to See
  • Reports Say Multiple Lenses Will Enable 3D Photography

    If the reports are true, the Amazon smartphone will come with four lenses, allowing for a full 3D effect. If that's the case, it'll be a welcome addition to the handset. Full 3D support has been tried before in the smartphone market, but it hasn't quite taken off just yet. Hopefully, Amazon's 3D experience will be different and make for a better offering.
    2 - Reports Say Multiple Lenses Will Enable 3D Photography
  • An iPhone-Trumping Display

    The iPhone 5S comes with a 4-inch display, making Amazon's choice of screen size very important. Reports suggest that the Amazon smartphone will come with a 4.7-inch screen, beating out the iPhone and reportedly matching the upcoming iPhone 6. That's right where Amazon wants to be—especially if it wants to make sure the handset is affordable.
    3 - An iPhone-Trumping Display
  • A Cheap Price, Like the Kindle Fire

    We'd like to see Amazon keep the price down as far as possible. One of the nice things about the Kindle Fire HDX is that it's available at a price many people can live with and doesn't sacrifice too many features to get there. Hopefully, Amazon brings that same model to the smartphone.
    4 - A Cheap Price, Like the Kindle Fire
  • The Full Fire OS Experience

    Amazon has done a great job of delivering a compelling Android-based software experience in Fire OS. Although there are some ways in which the icons are displayed that would need to be addressed in a smaller screen, Amazon should bring the full Fire OS experience to its handset. Some reports have said that Amazon could opt for Windows Phone to distance itself from Google, but that sounds ridiculous and unlikely. Look for FireOS in the Amazon handset.
    5 - The Full Fire OS Experience
  • Easy Integration with Fire TV

    Amazon's recently launched Fire TV set-top box is a nice offering in its own right. But Amazon would be hard-pressed to sell a critical mass of Fire TV units without ensuring that its smartphone can be fully integrated with the set-top box. Whether it's voice commands, remote control or simply sending over content from the smartphone to the big screen, Amazon's smartphone must have full support for the company's Fire TV.
    6 - Easy Integration with Fire TV
  • Amazon's Over-the-Top Services

    In addition to the Fire TV, it would be nice to see Amazon integrate its many services into the phone to ensure that consumers can have their desired content wherever they desire. The Amazon smartphone should come with Kindle ebooks, full access to Prime Instant Video, the ability to download songs through the Amazon MP3 store and Amazon's Appstore as its app marketplace. If all that makes its way to the smartphone—and it should—the smartphone will be in good shape.
    7 - Amazon's Over-the-Top Services
  • A Lower-End Free Version

    There are some rumors that Amazon is planning to launch two smartphones this year. The first would be the higher-end option with the 3D and 4.7-inch screen, while the other would come with lower-end components. Although Amazon hasn't confirmed either device, assuming the company offers up the cheaper option, let's hope that it goes for free with a two-year contract. Such a price would put Amazon on the smartphone map and put it in direct competition with Apple's older products, like the iPhone 4S.
    8 - A Lower-End Free Version
  • Kindle Free Time Unlimited

    Kids might not like it, but Kindle Free Time Unlimited is one of the most important solutions Amazon offers. The platform allows parents to decide how much time kids can spend on a device, what apps they can access, and where they can browse across the Web. Adding Kindle Free Time Unlimited to the Amazon smartphone will be a huge selling point for parents.
    9 - Kindle Free Time Unlimited
  • Bring On the Siri Competitor

    There's been some talk that Amazon is planning to launch a Siri competitor sometime this year. And although Siri's value to users can be debated, it's probably a good idea for a personal virtual assistant to make its way to Amazon's smartphone. Say what you want about Siri, but it's become a standard feature and has forced competing devices to offer something similar. Amazon must follow the crowd.
    10 - Bring On the Siri Competitor
  • A Truly Cool Design

    Last, but certainly not least, the Amazon smartphone better come with a design that appeals to the average customer. In the past, Amazon's product designs have been a bit boring and simple. In order for the company's would-be smartphone to be successful, it needs to buck that trend. If Amazon wants to be successful, it needs to focus on hardware design. Without an eye on design, it can't be successful.
    11 - A Truly Cool Design

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