Apple Facing Challenge From 10 Major Mobile Products

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The mobile market has grown way beyond cell phones and smartphones in the past few years. Now it includes tablets, phablets, lightweight notebooks, Ultrabooks, Chromebooks and so much more. The mobile market has become the cornerstone of the consumer technology industry, and companies that aren't competing there with a great degree of success are looking for a go-to-market strategy that will work. Apple is a main reason why the mobile market expanded so rapidly in the past few years. The company's products, including the iPhone, iPad and even MacBook Air, are the benchmark by which all other products are judged. On a device-by-device basis, the iPhone is still the sales king. Only when all of Samsung's devices are combined can that company stake claim to higher sales than Apple. Still, its competitors are striving to change that situation. There's no question that several outstanding products available right now pose a strong competitive challenge to Apple in terms of sales and in their ability to get consumers to give them a second look. Check out which products are successfully challenging Apple in the mobile space.

  • Apple Facing Challenge From 10 Major Mobile Products

    By Don Reisinger
    Apple Facing Challenge From 10 Major Mobile Products
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4

    The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is the device Android customers buy if they want everything they can't have in an iPhone. The Galaxy S 4 comes with a 5-inch display, near-field communication (NFC), more pixel density and a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera. In many ways, the Galaxy S 4 is a better product than the iPhone. And that's probably why it's selling exceptionally well in the Android space.
    Samsung Galaxy S 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a popular option for those seeking a phablet with stylus functionality. The device features the popular Samsung TouchWiz software and includes many of the features the iPhone won't offer, including near-field communication. Samsung reportedly is working on a new Galaxy Note 3 it's calling Neo that could be announced soon. The high-end hardware, combined with Samsung's software and stylus support, makes the Galaxy Note 3 a worthy competitor to any Apple iPhone.
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

    The Kindle Fire HDX tablet comes in two flavors—a 7-inch model and an 8.9-inch version. In either case, the devices are outstanding alternatives to the iPad. They both come with high-end displays, and Amazon's built-in services, like Prime Instant Video, are outstanding. But perhaps the very best thing about the HDX line is that it starts at just $229, making it affordable and popular among consumers.
    Amazon Kindle Fire HDX
  • Google Nexus 10

    The Google Nexus 10 is a serious challenger to the iPad Air. The tablet features a 10-inch display and comes with full multiuser support—a feature conspicuously missing in iOS 7. And in addition to being thin and lightweight, the device is quite cheap, starting at $399.
    Google Nexus 10
  • Google Nexus 7

    If the Nexus 10 is a solid competitor to the iPad Air, the Nexus 7 is a worthy alternative to the iPad Mini. The device features a 7-inch display and is even more lightweight than its bigger brother. Like the iPad Mini, the Nexus 7 comes in the customer's choice of WiFi-only or WiFi and LTE. It's also surprisingly powerful, thanks to its quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.
    Google Nexus 7
  • Microsoft Surface

    The Microsoft Surface might not be the most popular tablet on store shelves, due in large part to its Windows 8 software, but it's still a fine device for those who want to be more productive while on the go. After all, the Surface Pro comes with a full Windows installation and supports the software people are accustomed to using in the office. Surface is perhaps Microsoft's answer to the iPad in the enterprise.
    Microsoft Surface
  • Motorola Droid Maxx

    Looking for a high-end smartphone to replace the iPhone 5S? The Motorola Droid Maxx is arguably one of the best available options. The device, which runs Android 4.4, comes with up to 48 hours of battery life and wireless charging. Add all of that to its starting price of $199 with a two-year contract and 50GB of free cloud-based storage on Google Drive, and you a viable alternative to the iPhone.
    Motorola Droid Maxx
  • Pick an Ultrabook

    Devices such as Apple's MacBook Air are becoming computer replacements for mobile workers. That's precisely why Ultrabooks pose a challenge to what is an important product category for Apple. The devices are extremely thin, have high-powered CPUs and can run full versions of Windows. They're nice replacements to both iPads and MacBook Airs, and since many of them are nearly identical in terms of specs, the entire category should be considered a threat to Apple.
    Pick an Ultrabook
  • Every Chromebook

    Like Ultrabooks, Chromebooks are similar in their size, functionality and software. And although no single Chromebook is seeing sales skyrocket, collectively the form factor is doing well. The educational market has been especially pleased with Chromebooks, finding that Chrome OS is a good companion for teaching students. If that continues, Apple could have some trouble getting MacBooks into the education industry.
    Every Chromebook
  • HTC One

    HTC's One smartphone has been the focus of patent litigation in courts around the world, but the device is still one of the best on the market. The HTC One comes with a fine, lightweight design and a perfectly sized 4.7-inch screen. Plus, its Beats audio integration is a welcome addition. Overall, the HTC One is one of the better smartphones competing right now against Apple's iPhone.
    HTC One
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