Apple's Future Growth Threatened by 10 Companies in Mobile Market

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-11-07 Print this article Print


This is an easy one, isn't it? For years, Samsung has been a thorn in Apple's side, but as the company's mobile shipments continue to grow, it's becoming a real threat to Apple's iPhone and iPad. Look for Samsung to continue to chip away at Apple's mobile shipments in the coming years.


Apple is viewed as a company that's insulated against hard times. The company's iPhone and iPad are too popular, its brand too appealing and its legion of fans too supportive to ever allow the company to falter. With billions of dollars in the bank and with analyst predictions that sales and profits can only rise for the next few years, Apple is viewed as a firm that can't be hurt. Try as they might, competitors just can't make a dent in Apple's golden armor. But is such a view on Apple really warranted? There's no debating that Apple is successful and will likely continue to be so for the indeterminate future. But to view the company as invulnerable fails to acknowledge that it's facing increased competition across its most important markets. In some market segments, Apple is watching its market share dwindle and pressures to stay on top only mount. For example on Nov. 5 IDC reported that Apple’s tablet market share is down from 59.7 percent in the 2011 third quarter to 50 percent in 2012 third quarter, mainly due to Samsung's gains. With that in mind, this slide show looks at some of the companies that could stymie Apple's growth in the coming years. None of the following companies will alone be able to knock Apple off its pedestal, but together, they could slow Apple's relentless growth.


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