Apple's Latest iPhones Will Be Boring Despite the Hype: 10 Reasons Why

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Few things are more annoying than the incessant need on the part of Apple lovers to espouse their undying desire to get their hands on the next iPhone. It seems every year, about a month before the new handset launches, Apple fans and supporters become incredibly vocal, yelling as loud as possible that the next iPhone will not only be the best handset their favorite company has ever offered, it'll be the best smartphone ever launched. Once again, the hoopla surrounding the iPhone has hit a tipping point. But this year, due mainly to the prospect of not one, but two iPhones hitting store shelves, the rabidity of Apple's fans has hit a new high. Even industry analysts are getting into the act, with Global Equities Research Managing Director Trip Chowdhry saying that the two handsets "will be massively successful." Such grandiose assertions aside, there's no indication that the next iPhones will actually be all that groundbreaking. In fact, they promise to be awfully boring. This eWEEK slide show will try to bring a measure of reality to the discussion surrounding Apple's iPhones and show why, despite Apple's fans' best attempts, there's no ignoring the real possibility that Apple's next iPhones will disappoint the market.

  • Apple's Latest iPhones Will Be Boring Despite the Hype: 10 Reasons Why

    By Don Reisinger
    0-Apple's Latest iPhones Will Be Boring Despite the Hype: 10 Reasons Why
  • It's an Off Year for the iPhone, Folks

    Looking at Apple's decisions over the last several years, one thing should stick out: the company likes to deliver major updates every other year. Last year, the iPhone 5 was one such update. That means that this year, Apple will offer the iPhone 5S that will arrive with only minor feature upgrades.
    1-It's an Off Year for the iPhone, Folks
  • Why Is an "iPhone Mini" All That Special?

    Let's be honest. The iPhone Mini, if it even exists, will be boring. The device will be a cut-rate iPhone that ships with multiple color options and a large screen. The iPhone Mini is designed to be Apple's answer to cheap Android handsets. In other words, it won't be groundbreaking in the least, except perhaps in price to try to appeal to a broader market.
    2-Why Is an
  • The Software Functionality Isn't All That Different

    It's true that iOS 7 looks much different from iOS 6, but beyond that, there isn't much to see. The operating system is still coming with all the same applications and will function in much the same way. Plus, iOS 7 will work just fine on the iPhone 5.
    3-The Software Functionality Isn't All That Different
  • Apple's a Margins Company Now

    It's sad to say, and Apple fans won't admit it, but their favorite company is all about business and the bottom line these days. That means maximizing revenue to increase margins and generate more profit. Apple isn't focusing on technical innovation in the way it once was. And it's about time we all acknowledge that.
    4-Apple's a Margins Company Now
  • Even the Leaked Device Photos Look Boring

    Should we all just ignore the leaks that have cropped up day after day over the last several weeks? The devices that appear in the leaked photos look exactly like the current iPhone 5. If Apple was really cooking something up that would wow crowds, why are all of the leaks pointing at yet another boring update?
    5-Even the Leaked Device Photos Look Boring
  • The Specs Won't Match the Galaxy S 4

    The iPhone 5S will definitely come with a better feature set, but that won't be enough to match the Galaxy S 4. In fact, there's a pretty good chance that the Galaxy S 4 from Samsung will still be a more-desirable product. Samsung's product will have a larger screen and a better processor. In other words, Galaxy S 4 owners won't give the iPhone 5S a second glance.
    6-The Specs Won't Match the Galaxy S 4
  • Tim Cook Promised Big Things for 2014

    Tim Cook might have tipped his company's hand before he should have. In a recent conference call with investors, Cook promised big and bold launches in 2014. Although he also promised some "exciting" offerings for the fall, his comments might just have been code for "wait for next year to see our really cool stuff."
    7-Tim Cook Promised Big Things for 2014
  • What Hasn't Been Boring?

    It's time to cut the nonsense. Since the original launch of the iPhone, Apple's smartphone unveilings have been somewhat boring. In fact, the company's device has hardly changed over the years, and is still offering a small screen and the same basic design. Sure, it's thinner and taller and uses different materials, but the truth is, Apple has been boring us with smartphones for some time.
    8-What Hasn't Been Boring?
  • The Steve Jobs Era Is Over

    Steve Jobs might have been the only person who knew how to keep generating excitement around Apple products. Jobs had a chip on his shoulder, and no one knew what he was about to unveil but him. It was exciting and interesting. And it brought some entertainment to the industry. But the Steve Jobs era is over.
    9-The Steve Jobs Era Is Over
  • Tim Cook Has a Different Philosophy

    So, what's in its place? Unfortunately for Apple fans, it's the Tim Cook era. And although he's been able to generate historic profits, Cook is more a chief executive than an innovator. Apple isn't taking chances like it once did, and it isn't focused on pushing the technical envelope any more. To Tim Cook, slow and steady wins the race. That isn't a promising prospect for those who are expecting big things from Apple next month when it unveils the new iPhones.
    10-Tim Cook Has a Different Philosophy
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