Bodywell Chip Cuts Smartphone Radiation Up to 80 Percent: Researchers

By Michelle Maisto  |  Posted 2013-02-12 Print this article Print
Bodywell Chip

Bodywell Chip

The Bodywell Chip is designed to dramatically reduce a cell phone's specific absorption rate (SAR), which is the amount of cell phone radiation that's absorbed by a user. The chip has a sticky back and can be stuck to the backside of a phone or inside its back cover.


EZ Technologies, at a Feb. 11 event in New York City that it called the first scientific symposium to present new research on the specific absorption rate (SAR) of radiation from mobile devices, introduced the Bodywell Chip. The chip retails for $29.99, is roughly the size of a very large SIM card and has a peel-away sticky back. When stuck to a smartphone, tablet or cordless phone, it reduces the amount of radiation a user is exposed to, said EZ Technologies. Company officials said the chip counters SAR radiation—similar to the effect of noise-cancelling headphones that "reduce noise with a form of counter-noise"—and without affecting cell service. During the symposium, two scientists described how radiation waves behave, what SAR is, how humans absorb cell phone radiation and how lab tests showed the Bodywell chip significantly reduces the amount of radiation to which device users are exposed. The consensus from the group, which included a neurologist, was that the evidence regarding the safety of cell phone radiation is inconclusive, and without a definitive "no," users need to keep questioning and behave preventatively. When tested on an iPad with a cellular connection, the chip reduced SAR by 34.8 percent, which means a lot for children, said Nachaat Mazeh, research associate at Beaumont Health System in Michigan. In the field of aerospace, he said, a 5 percent safety-factor increase would be considered very good. But a more than 50 percent reduction, he said, "is certainly an important safety factor for everyone, but especially our children."


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