CeBIT Showcases Latest Wearable Technology Hitting the Market

By Wayne Rash  |  Posted 2013-03-08 Print this article Print
The ReTimer Claims to Beat Jet Lag

The ReTimer Claims to Beat Jet Lag

The device looks like an odd pair of glasses with green lights that point at your eyes and promise to beat body-clock problems. Exactly how the ReTimer works is unclear, but those green LEDs are really pulsing at a frequency your brain can't detect (but which drives the focusing system on a Nikon camera nuts). The lights are supposed to boost melatonin production. For it to be effective, you have to use it for a few days.


CeBIT is known for the diversity of its products. As you'd expect from any technology show aimed at the IT business, you see everything from tablets to mainframes and smartphones to materials-handling equipment. eWEEK will spare you a photo spread on autonomous forklifts and instead present something a little more personal. Since wearing something is as personal as it gets, the Wearable Technology pavilion caught our attention. We had hoped that we would find something really comfortable to slip into, perhaps a nice, comfy Audi A8. No such luck. What we found instead were actual computing products that you wear and that might make sense to the IT department. Some of the most interesting products involve security, some to promote employee health and a few designed to make life easier for workers with disabilities. Despite the name of the section, not everything was wearable, and we had to make do with a BMW instead of an Audi. But it was a nice BMW. Too bad it wouldn't fit in the overhead luggage compartment.


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