Humavox RF Wireless-Charging Technology Aimed at Broad Array of Apps

By Michelle Maisto  |  Posted 2014-02-13

Humavox is an Israel-based company that has developed a wireless-charging technology based on radio-frequency (RF) technology, harnessing what's usually used to transfer data to transfer energy instead. Where magnetic induction—the current solution employed by smartphones and toothbrushes—relies on tightly wound magnetic coils, the size of which have proven a challenge for smartphone makers striving for thinness, the RF technology uses a transmitter and receiver, the latter of which is thinner than a SIM card and about half the size. While smartphones and smartwatches are a potential market for the Humavox technology, the company has initially focused on health care, specifically hearing aids—a product with a constantly running-down battery and users who are often intimidated by technology, have poor vision and lack the manual dexterity necessary to change a tiny battery. What if, instead, a user could set his hearing aid on a charging dish while he slept, and never again worry about changing the battery? CEO and co-founder Omri Lachman makes clear that Humavox isn't a product company—it wants to license the technology for others to apply to their designs. When Lachman and co-founder and CTO Asaf Elssibony began considering the solution, said Lachman, "We wanted to solve real problems for real people."


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