iOS 7: 10 Apps That Make the Mobile OS a Worthwhile Upgrade

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-09-19 Email Print this article Print

At long last, Apple launched iOS 7 on Sept. 18, allowing smartphone users to get their hands on what has been described as the mobile operating system's most substantial overhaul to date. As expected, the operating system has its fair share of fans and haters. The fans are impressed by its new look and feel and believe that it could be the best version of iOS yet. Those who aren't so keen on the design, however, claim that Apple has committed a massive misstep with its latest launch and that they won't upgrade to the new version. Still, application developers will likely provide unstinting support for iOS 7, realizing that if Apple got it right, most users will eventually adopt iOS 7. When that happens, they'll expect some appealing applications. Luckily, there are plenty of appealing applications available now for those who are ready to move to iOS 7. From productivity applications to financial-related programs, the breadth of apps that are optimized for iOS 7 is impressive. Check out this slide show to find some iOS 7 apps that might be worth adding to your portfolio.

  • iOS 7: 10 Apps That Make the Mobile OS a Worthwhile Upgrade

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - iOS 7: 10 Apps That Make the Mobile OS a Worthwhile Upgrade
  • Search for Places to Relax With LoungeBuddy

    For heavy business travelers comes LoungeBuddy. The application, which is available for free, helps travelers find airport lounges and clubs around the world so they can have a bit more enjoyment on their layovers. It looks awfully nice on iOS 7.
    2 - Search for Places to Relax With LoungeBuddy
  • Evernote for Text, Voice and Video Creation

    It's no surprise that Evernote was quick to support iOS 7. As one of the most popular mobile applications out there, Evernote is ahead of the curve. The free app allows for the creation and collection of text, voice, and video notes, and they can all be shared on different devices. It's a great app.
    3 - Evernote for Text, Voice and Video Creation
  • OmniFocus 2 Delivers Project Management on the Go

    OnniFocus 2 might be somewhat expensive at $19.99, but the application makes up for that with all kinds of functionality. The offering is a full project management suite that helps users track what they need to do and stay in touch and in full collaboration with colleagues. It was built from the ground up for iOS 7.
    4 - OmniFocus 2 Delivers Project Management on the Go
  • Hotel Booking With Travelocity

    Travelocity's applications aren't exactly the most popular traveling programs in Apple's App Store, but the company's Hotel Booking option, which can be downloaded for free, works quite well with iOS 7. With the app, users can search around a location and find hotel deals. It's a solid way to book a hotel from a mobile device.
    5 - Hotel Booking With Travelocity
  • Venmo for Quick Payments

    Venmo might not be the most well-known application, but it's designed to work for consumers and small businesses that want to quickly make payments between each other. The app has a strong following among consumers, and its new interface seems to be quite nice. It's available for free.
    6 - Venmo for Quick Payments
  • Share Shopping Lists With AnyList

    Looking for a simple way for the whole family to share shopping or grocery lists? AnyList is the app for you. The free application makes it easy to add items to lists, and once it's updated it can be shared with everyone in the family. It's a handy iOS 7 app.
    7 - Share Shopping Lists With AnyList
  • Amount Converts Units of Measure

    Some business travelers heading overseas need help converting measurements. For those folks, there's Amount. The 99-cent application converts just about any unit of measurement. The application is a useful companion for those who travel often and need to quickly convert data.
    8 - Amount Converts Units of Measure
  • Drafts for Note Taking

    Drafts, which sets customers back $2.99, is designed to provide users with the ability to quickly type out notes and send them to others. The developer behind the app, Agile Tortoise, says Drafts is the simplest note-taking app out there. It might just be close.
    9 - Drafts for Note Taking
  • Screens Enables Remote Mac, PC Desktop Access

    The Screens app is costly at $19.99, but the application features the ability to remotely access and modify Mac or PC desktops from iOS. The application has a nice design to mimic that of iOS 7, but whether it's the very best Virtual Network Computing program out there remains to be seen.
    10 - Screens Enables Remote Mac, PC Desktop Access
  • Text Editing With Byword

    Byword, which costs $4.99, is designed with those who write in mind. The application allows users to go over text and modify it as they wish. From there, the text can be shared with others and synced across devices. Best of all, the edits can then be published to other popular applications, such as Wordpress, Tumblr and Evernote.
    11 - Text Editing With Byword

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