iOS 7 Launch Offers At Least 10 Reasons to Upgrade

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-09-18 Print this article Print

Apple's iOS 7 is slated for launch on Sept. 18, and according to the company's chief executive, Tim Cook, it will be the most downloaded mobile operating system ever released. It's a sure thing that iOS 7 will turn out to be more popular than its predecessor, iOS 6, and could easily eclipse the download figures attained by its chief counterpart, Android. Apple's iOS 7, in other words, promises to be a hit. But just because the majority of iOS users might choose to download Apple's new operating system, not everyone will be so quick to do so at launch. From the corporate world to consumers, quite a few people are on the fence over whether they should download Apple's latest mobile operating system or stick with iOS 6. For those folks, the answer should be clear: Download iOS 7 and be done with it. Apple's latest mobile operating system looks to be the best version the company has launched yet, and its redesign alone could make it a winner among new adopters. This eWEEK slide show explains why everyone should download iOS 7.

  • iOS 7 Launch Offers At Least 10 Reasons to Upgrade

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - iOS 7 Launch Offers At Least 10 Reasons to Upgrade
  • You Can't Beat the Price

    Who can argue with the iOS 7 price? To download the update, users need only to have enough charge in their iPhone or iPad and start the download. Unlike OS X, which Apple charges for, the company offers up its mobile operating system at no charge. In other words, there's no major barrier to getting iOS 7 and trying it out.
    2 - You Can't Beat the Price
  • The Redesign Is Stellar

    Apple's redesign for iOS is simply stellar. Led by Jonathan Ive, the company's lead designer, the operating system's redesign has delivered a new look and feel to a software platform that was getting more than a little boring. The operating system has a new life with its redesign and makes everything work just a bit better. It's a win-win.
    3 - The Redesign Is Stellar
  • The Control Center Is Nice

    Apple has added a new feature, called Control Center, that's designed to put all of the important functions in close proximity to what a person needs. So, if they want to change the device's volume, change a song or access their settings quickly, it's all possible with Control Center. It's a great addition to the operating system.
    4 - The Control Center Is Nice
  • It Comes With Enhanced Security

    Apple has announced publicly that its operating system comes with several security enhancements. The company, however, didn't say exactly what they are. Still, it's important to note that Apple's iOS 7 addresses some of the security issues found in previous versions of the software and should make things at least a little harder for hackers to capitalize on unsuspecting users.
    5 - It Comes With Enhanced Security
  • A Much Better Notification Center

    Apple's Notification Center has been around for a couple of years, but it's been updated in dramatic fashion with iOS 7. The feature now allows for users to see more information about what they've missed, and a new Today option tells folks everything they need to know about the day, including what's on their calendar, calls they need to make and what the weather will be like.
    6 - A Much Better Notification Center
  • Full AirDrop Support

    Apple's AirDrop is one of the handiest tools out there for those who want to quickly transfer big files between Apple devices on the same network. Apple is now bringing the feature to mobile with support for it in iOS 7. It might not be near-field communication, but it's certainly the next-best thing.
    7 - Full AirDrop Support
  • Bring On iTunes Radio

    Apple's iTunes Radio will be launching with iOS 7, allowing users to have a Pandora-like experience from their iPhones or iPads. Apple's iTunes Radio should allow for more music discovery and help people get a bit more from their entertainment experience in iOS. It'll be a nice addition to iOS.
    8 - Bring On iTunes Radio
  • Hello, Better Siri

    Apple's Siri has also been improved in iOS 7 with the option to choose voices. In addition, the platform is a bit smarter than in previous versions, and can more adeptly respond to queries and provide accurate answers. Coupled with the iPhone 5S, the new and improved Siri might just be the best update yet.
    9 - Hello, Better Siri
  • Yes, the Safari Upgrade Matters

    Apple's Safari has gotten a major overhaul. In addition to a streamlined design, the browser can now support unlimited tabs, instead of the current limit of eight. Safari also includes faster page-loading times and a full-screen mode to show more of a Web page than previous versions. It's a nice update.
    10 - Yes, the Safari Upgrade Matters
  • Full In-Car Integration

    In-car integration has been something users have been hoping for from iOS for quite some time. With iOS 7, Apple has added full in-car integration with Siri Eyes Free and strategic partnerships with carmakers. Before long, Siri will be pumping through car speakers and iPhone owners will be responding to text messages, asking for directions and more through iOS 7.
    11 - Full In-Car Integration

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