iPad Mini, iPad Air, Chromecast Among Top 10 Headline-Grabbers in 2013

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It would have been impossible at the beginning of 2013 to accurately predict what devices would grab the biggest headlines this year. However, a few products, like Apple's iPad Mini, were able to hold on to their broader appeal in 2013. Still others were new entrants to the technology arena and expanded the marketplace in solid ways. The beauty of the technology industry is that it is constantly evolving. New products and technologies continuously emerge, and buyers determine which ones are the most effective, innovative and reliable with their dollars. But sometimes the biggest headline-grabbers are products that have not yet been generally released to the public, such as Google Glass. Sometimes, the biggest headline-grabbers aren't even products in the usual sense. This eWEEK slide show will focus on a few of the devices and systems, entertainment products and ideas that grabbed our attention and had a significant impact on the world of computing, either positive or negative, in 2013.

  • iPad Mini, iPad Air, Chromecast Among Top 10 Headline-Grabbers in 2013

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - iPad Mini, iPad Air, Chromecast Among Top 10 Headline-Grabbers in 2013
  • Apple iPad Mini With Retina Display

    For months, rumors were surfacing that Apple was working on an iPad Mini featuring its popular Retina display. Before long, however, reports said that Apple was having trouble producing enough displays and could be forced to launch the tablet in 2014. However, Apple was able to work out the iPad Mini's production problems and it reached the market as one of the better tablets Apple has launched to date.
    2 - Apple iPad Mini With Retina Display
  • Apple iPad Air

    If the iPad Mini with Retina display stole headlines in 2013, the iPad Air most certainly did, as well. Apple was expected to launch a new iPad this year. But the iPad Air not only impressed tablet buyers with its ultrathin design, it also raised speculation that Apple might next introduce a high-end device with a "Pro" version. We'll see in 2014.
    3 - Apple iPad Air
  • Google Chromecast

    Google's $35 Chromecast High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) dongle is the most popular electronics product on Amazon right now. The device allows consumers to stream video content to an HDTV. It's ideal for televisions that don't have built-in "smart TV" functionality. With its low price, it's no wonder it's catching on in such a big way.
    4 - Google Chromecast
  • Google Glass

    Google Glass was all the rage in this year's wearable technology space. The eyewear, at $1,500, is a bit expensive for those who have been invited to be "Explorers," but it comes with a feature set that Google is counting on to win over consumers in the broader market. The device allows users to snap photos, record videos, get directions, and much more. It remains to be seen if Google Glass will be successful as a general release product.
    5 - Google Glass
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

    The Kindle Fire HDX stole headlines in late 2013 for its high-resolution display and unique new features, including an on-board virtual-support service, called "Mayday." The device also has a great design and is cheap enough to attract those who might be turned off by the iPad's higher price.
    6 - Amazon Kindle Fire HDX
  • Sony PlayStation 4

    The PlayStation 4 sold 1 million units in its first 24 hours on the market and then quickly hit 2.1 million units sold a couple of weeks later. It's been difficult to find on store shelves at the height of the holiday shopping season. The PlayStation 4 has been a hit among gamers.
    7 - Sony PlayStation 4
  • Microsoft Xbox One

    The Xbox One is another winner this year in terms of products that have stolen headlines. The Xbox One, like the PlayStation 4, sold 1 million units in the first 24 hours, but did so by relying on more markets. The Xbox One, like the PlayStation 4, is selling exceedingly well, making it one of the most sought-after products this holiday season.
    8 - Microsoft Xbox One
  • Apple Mac Pro

    Apple's Mac Pro made headlines earlier this year when Apple showed off a desktop that put to rest the notion that desktops have to be dull, stodgy devices. The device is 9.9 inches tall, comes with a cylindrical design and has more power than anything Apple has launched to this point. The Mac Pro is arguably one of the most exciting new computer launches this year. It has the potential to breathe new life in the broader desktop market if other PC makers decide to follow Apple's example with their own innovative designs.
    9 - Apple Mac Pro
  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin has been around for years, but in 2013, this digital encrypted currency grabbed attention in world money markets, in law-enforcement agencies and among the world's currency regulators. Bitcoin grabbed major headlines when the FBI announced it had taken down the illegal underground marketplace Silk Road and acquired 1.5 percent of all Bitcoins in circulation. Some lawmakers say it should take a legitimate place alongside physical currencies, but others say it's dangerously unstable and subject to manipulation by criminals.
    10 - Bitcoin
  • Amazon Prime Air

    Amazon.com grabbed much attention when it disclosed it was developing autonomous airborne drones for its express package delivery service. Amazon Prime Air promises the possibility of delivering products as soon as 30 minutes after placing an order on Amazon.com. It'll take years for Prime Air to get off the ground, and it's questionable whether it will ever win government regulatory approval.
    11 - Amazon Prime Air

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