Kindle Fire HDX Is a Popular Holiday Tablet Choice: 10 Reasons Why

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Amazon is making an aggressive push to sell more Kindle Fire HDX tablets even in the face of hefty competition from the Apple iPad and Android slates. The company recently announced that customers can buy the Kindle Fire HDX on a no-interest installment plan. The move is a not-so-subtle attempt on Amazon's part to get customers to invest in its tablets at a low cost, rather than drop hundreds of dollars more on an iPad. Whether the move will actually work, however, remains to be seen. Even without the sales incentives, the Kindle Fire HDX is one of the strongest contenders in the tablet market. The tablet comes with a solid design with strong features, such as its high-resolution display; Mayday feature that provides virtual, on-device support; and serious power under the hood, thanks to its 2.2GHz quad-core processor and Andreno 330 GPU. Amazon has also come a long way in developing an operating system for the device. FireOS was visually attractive when it first launched, and the latest version that is in the HDX has better usability and enhanced productivity. All of these factors have made Amazon a force to be reckoned with in the tablet market. Look through this eWEEK slide show to find out why the Kindle Fire HDX is such a popular tablet choice this holiday season.

  • Kindle Fire HDX Is a Popular Holiday Tablet Choice: 10 Reasons Why

    By Don Reisinger
    Kindle Fire HDX Is a Popular Holiday Tablet Choice: 10 Reasons Why
  • It's All About the Price

    The Kindle Fire HDX combines a high-quality product with an outstanding price. The 7-inch model starts at just $229 with special offers, while the 8.9-inch version will cost $379. The iPad Air, which is the best competitor to the larger Kindle Fire HDX, starts at $499. In terms of overall value, Amazon is doing a great job of delivering it.
    It's All About the Price
  • Helps

    It's hard to talk about the popularity of the Kindle Fire HDX without acknowledging first how important it was to the company to put the device on its homepage. This time of the year, millions of people are visiting to find products. That Amazon can put the device on its homepage whenever it likes is certainly a leg up on the competition. Helps
  • The Kindle FreeTime Unlimited Is a Winner

    Amazon is truly one of the more innovative companies in the tablet space when it comes to software. The company offers a product called Kindle FireTime Unlimited, which costs just $2.99 per month, that allows parents to decide what kind of content their kids can access from the device. It also determines daily access times and parental control levels. It's a great feature.
    The Kindle FreeTime Unlimited Is a Winner
  • Can the Enterprise Actually Find Value?

    Amazon is surprisingly making a push for the enterprise with its Kindle Fire HDX tablet. The device includes support for Microsoft Exchange with ActiveSync and allows for printing from the slate. Perhaps more importantly, the tablet lets users connect to their corporate WiFi networks securely with VPN, and soon will offer data encryption across networks.
    Can the Enterprise Actually Find Value?
  • The Display Is Gorgeous

    The Kindle Fire HDX's screen has been lauded by nearly every screen reviewer in the field. DisplayMate, a company that evaluates digital screens, revealed in November that not only does the Kindle Fire HDX deliver a better display than the iPad Air, thanks in part to its 339 pixels per inch, but it's an overall better product than Apple's display.
    The Display Is Gorgeous
  • Amazon's Appstore Is Growing

    Amazon's Appstore is widely viewed as the third-place marketplace in the mobile space, due mainly to the fact that Apple's App Store and the Google Play marketplace are so big. But Amazon's store has been quietly racking up some big titles, allowing users to find just about all of the more popular apps they'd find elsewhere.
    Amazon's Appstore Is Growing
  • It's an Easy Port, Regardless of Platform

    Amazon has done a fine job of making the prospect of going from iOS or an Android tablet to a Kindle Fire somewhat simple. Through its cloud services, iOS users can upload their tracks to Amazon's offering for playing on the Kindle Fire HDX and move whatever books they might have on their Kindle Reader app to the tablet. There's no missing out in porting to an Amazon product.
     It's an Easy Port, Regardless of Platform
  • FireOS Keeps Getting Better

    Amazon's FireOS has come a long way. The latest version, known as 3.0 "Mojito," has improved the user interface, making it easier to find apps, games, books and other content. Amazon has also made FireOS more cloud-friendly, allowing users to quickly transfer content to and from the cloud with a single click. The software might not yet be on the level of iOS, but it's slowly inching that way.
    FireOS Keeps Getting Better
  • The Reviews Are Impeccable for a Reason

    Looking around the Web, one quickly finds that the tablet has received rave reviews from anyone who has an opinion that matters. From users to tech journalists to major reviewing organizations, the evaluations surrounding the Kindle Fire HDX have been largely glowing. While no one would go so far as to say the Kindle Fire HDX is perfect, they're just fine admitting it's one of the best slates out there.
    The Reviews Are Impeccable for a Reason
  • Amazon Has Done a Fine Job Promoting It

    Amazon's ads promoting the Kindle Fire HDX have been downright stellar. The company is not running from Apple's iPad, like so many other companies do, but instead is embracing the areas in which it believes it has an advantage. The ads are effective at outlining those improvements, and they ultimately prove one thing: Amazon has what it takes to take on Apple.
    Amazon Has Done a Fine Job Promoting It
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