Larger iPhone Screens Are a Good Idea: 10 Reasons Why

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Screen size didn't matter to Apple for years. While all of the company's competitors were delivering products with bigger screens, Apple stuck to its standard 3.5-inch display. And despite request after request to up the screen size, Apple insisted that its product didn't need such an update. That is, until the iPhone 5 hit store shelves with a 4-inch display. Apple said at that time that the move was a necessary one for the company and one that would enhance the overall experience of using its mobile products. Now there's talk of Apple working on new iPhone designs that come with larger screens. It's not clear, based on those reports, when Apple might release products with larger screens. But there is some question as to whether the device might pop up at the company's Sept. 10 media event where it's expected to showcase not one, but two iPhones. The iPhone 5C is expected to be an iPhone 5 with some enhancements. The iPhone 5S, however, could be the product that could come with a bigger screen. But it's clear that Apple wants to deliver a bigger screen to the iPhone. And at first blush, that sounds like a good idea that will ultimately positively impact the company's smartphone line.

  • Larger iPhone Screens Are a Good Idea: 10 Reasons Why

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - Larger iPhone Screens Are a Good Idea: 10 Reasons Why
  • The Competition Is Doing It

    Although Apple isn't always so fond of following the crowd, when it comes to its bigger iPhone, it has no choice. Apple needs to be able to match its competition, and right now, most of its top counterparts are offering products with bigger screens.
    2 - The Competition Is Doing It
  • Remember the Value of Video

    Watching video on a mobile device can be a pain if a product's screen is too small. Realizing that, several handset makers have delivered products with bigger displays. Apple's screen, however, is still too small to watch video for extended periods. And since watching video is a top activity in mobile products, Apple should try to appeal to those folks who want a bigger screen on which to view video.
    3 - Remember the Value of Video
  • The Perceived Value Would Be Higher

    Value is everything in the mobile space. For many customers, as recent Android sales have shown, there's much more value in larger displays than smaller screens. Granted, some customers have found that large displays are getting too big, reducing their productivity, but for the most part, consumers are finding value in bigger devices. Apple must remember that.
    4 - The Perceived Value Would Be Higher
  • Apple Doesn't Change Its Pricing

    Following the value argument, Apple could make a solid argument that its device is the best option out there if it continues its policy of maintaining prices. With each new handset, Apple offers the device for the same price. It's expected to do that again this time around. If the iPhone introduces a bigger screen at the same price, who wouldn't be happy about it?
    5 - Apple Doesn't Change Its Pricing
  • Apple Claims the First Change Mattered

    Apple has done a good job of pretending that certain things don't matter until it makes the move. The company did that with its decisions to stick with a 3.5-inch display, and then made a fuss about how much more can be viewed on a 4-inch screen. If the first change mattered that much, how much more could a 5-inch screen deliver?
    6 - Apple Claims the First Change Mattered
  • Apple Is Fighting to Defend iPhone's Market Share

    In the smartphone market, especially, Apple is fighting to hang on to its market share. The company might be selling millions of smartphones every quarter, but its competitors are getting stronger and stronger. One of their main talking points is the advantage they have on screen size. By launching an iPhone with a bigger screen, Apple can eliminate one major competitor talking point.
    7 - Apple Is Fighting to Defend iPhone's Market Share
  • There's a Finite Amount of Growth

    As noted, there are some consumers who have found really big screens to be too much for them. Realizing that, there's a point at which a screen cannot get any bigger. Apple should aim at getting up to that point as soon as possible so it's not late to the game. Best of all, if it closes the gap now, there won't be much room for competitors to go before their screens become too big and lose their appeal with consumers.
    8 - There's a Finite Amount of Growth
  • Another Marketing Topic

    Apple is masterful in the art of advertising. So, it should be no surprise that the company would find a way to adeptly market a larger display. If Apple launched a device with a bigger screen, it would have yet another weapon at its disposal that could help it market its new handset.
    9 - Another Marketing Topic
  • Developers Will Ask for It

    Developers seem like one of the most likely parties to want a larger iPhone. Currently, many developers are creating products on Android that come with larger screens. Porting them over to the iPhone isn't always so easy, since that device has a smaller display. If Apple ups its screen size closer to 5 inches, developers should have a much easier time designing apps and getting them to the iPhone from Android.
    10 - Developers Will Ask for It
  • Web Browsing Will Be Optimized

    As monitor screen sizes have increased, we've discovered that the more screen real estate there is, the better the browsing experience. Surfing the Web on Safari is fine for now, but it would be much better if Apple delivered a bigger screen. The move would require less scrolling around pages and make for an overall much better experience. Apple must remember that.
    11 - Web Browsing Will Be Optimized

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