Moto X Smartphone Stands Out Even Before Picking Custom Features

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The Motorola Moto X—the first true joint effort between Motorola and parent company Google and the phone intended to relaunch a decimated Motorola—will be available Aug. 23 from AT&T, though all the major carriers will sell it by summer's end. The Moto X comes at a good time for Google—a time when it's possible to review a phone without mentioning the version of Android that it's running. That is to say it's a time when consumers have started looking past the word "Android," in a market too jam-packed with Android-running devices for that to mean much. Smartphone buyers these days care about displays, cameras, speed, aesthetics, apps, battery life and smart, life-enhancing features. In most of these categories, the Moto X delivers. It's the first smartphone that users can design themselves—choosing from materials, colors and more. But it will also stand out for its voice-guided, Touchless Control capabilities. These aren't the only features to recommend the Moto X, but in a very competitive market, they're the two that set it apart.

  • Moto X Smartphone Stands Out Even Before Picking Custom Features

    By Michelle Maisto
    0-Moto X Smartphone Stands Out Even Before Picking Custom Features
  • Hello, Moto: Meet the Moto X

    The Moto X isn't made of glass or metal, but it doesn't feel cheap. It's a compact, solid little delight, and the first smartphone that users can customize from bottom to top. For those who think less is more, there's this all-white model.
    1-Hello, Moto: Meet the Moto X
  • The Display: Seeing Isn't Always Believing

    The Moto X features a 4.7-inch display. Some will be disappointed that it's an HD 720p, and not a higher resolution. But many might be impressed that Motorola fit a display this size into a chassis this small. The HTC One has the same size display, but it measures 5.41 by 2.69 inches, while the Moto X measures 5.09 by 2.57 inches
    2-The Display: Seeing Isn't Always Believing
  • The Moto X Is a Minimalist (on the Outside)

    Motorola went for the cleanest lines possible (which probably helps when switching out top and bottom panels, for customizing). The right side features just the volume rocker and the power button.
    3-The Moto X Is a Minimalist (on the Outside)
  • Moto X From Behind

    The back of this Moto X features a textured look, though it feels smooth (which is actually kind of unsatisfying). The dots beside the rear camera lens are the speaker. While the HTC One leaves no question about the best place to put a speaker (the front), the curve on the back of the Moto X prevents the speaker from laying flat on a surface.
    4-Moto X From Behind
  • Curvy Behind

    The Moto X measures between 0.22 and 0.4 inches deep. The intention of its curve is to make it fit more comfortably in a user's hand.
    5-Curvy Behind
  • The Motorola Moto X

    The other side of the smartphone contains only the SIM card slot.
    6-The Motorola Moto X
  • 'OK, Google Now'

    Arguably the greatest thing about the Moto X is Touchless Control. A user can wake the sleeping phone with the prompt, "OK, Google Now," and ask it just about anything Google can answer, as well as to do things like call someone or set the phone's alarm.
    7-'OK, Google Now'
  • Voice Control

    Motorola's Touchless Control is far from the first of its kind—in fact, three new Motorola-made Droids on the Verizon network offer the exact same technology—but it's particularly appealing given how well it works. Though, on the first try, it did get "pastrami" wrong.
    8-Voice Control
  • Touchless Control

    Just to be fair.
    9-Touchless Control
  • Button-Free Front Facade

    On the bottom of the display are three on-screen buttons—back, home and a stacked-apps sort of button that shows off everything you've opened recently for quick access back to it.
    10-Button-Free Front Facade
  • 10-Megapixel Camera

    The camera can be activated with a quick double twist of the wrist—a fun feature. The camera itself, though, feels ordinary. However, taking photos (like this detail of a painting) I wondered whether it was the camera that was wanting or, after testing out other new smartphones, I'd just become accustomed to viewing my photos on more pixel-packed displays.
    11-10-Megapixel Camera
  • Coming Aug. 23 to AT&T

    AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Best Buy will all sell the Moto X by summer's end. The Moto X is a fast, responsive phone, and on AT&T's 4G LTE network it's possible to move between Web pages as quickly as between photos.
    12-Coming Aug. 23 to AT&T

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