Surface 2 Tablet Has Features to Win Over Buyers: 10 Reasons Why

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Microsoft's Surface 2 and Surface RT 2 have been featured in a wide array of reviews, and unlike the original models, which were met with plenty of skepticism, the new models have received much stronger reviews from those who have tried them out. The reviews suggest that Microsoft might have gotten it right this time, and if they're any indication of sales, consumers might find quite a bit to like in the device. But reviews are subjective, and thus open to interpretation. It's important to note that the Surface 2 isn't necessarily the device that will fix all of Microsoft's problems. But Microsoft has taken a step forward with the Surface 2, if the current crop of positive reviews is any indication. Still, the question remains whether the positive initial reception for the tablets will translate into strong sales. Microsoft has been able to point to early sales wins for the Surface 2, such as Delta Air Lines' plan to buy 11,000 Surface 2 devices. This is not to say that the Surface 2 will seriously challenge the market-leading iPad or iPad Mini. But there are good reasons to believe the Surface 2 has the improved features that will convince more Microsoft customers to buy them. Here's why.

  • Surface 2 Tablet Has Features to Win Over Buyers: 10 Reasons Why

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - Surface 2 Tablet Has Features to Win Over Buyers: 10 Reasons Why
  • This Is a Windows World

    Why might the Surface 2 be a winner? Blame it on Windows. Like it or not, Windows is the software standard around the world, and for those who need a high-end, desktop-like computing experience, the Surface 2 tablet's Windows integration is important. Granted, the original Surface wasn't very popular. But Delta Air Lines' recent announcement that it was buying 11,000 Surface 2 devices, along with purchases disclosed by other companies, indicates that corporate adoption isn't as much of an issue this time around.
    2 - This Is a Windows World
  • The Screen Is Truly Gorgeous

    One of the big improvements to the Surface 2 was Microsoft's inclusion of 1080p HD. The Surface 2's screen is still 10.6 inches, but with full-HD resolution, the device is capable of producing extremely high-res visuals. With 4K coming down the pike, 1080p might not look as gorgeous in the next few years, but for now, it's the best we can hope for from a screen.
    3 - The Screen Is Truly Gorgeous
  • Windows 8.1: An Important Step Forward

    Microsoft learned from its mistakes with Windows 8 and delivered in Windows 8.1 a dramatically improved operating system. The company's new software is both more functional and feature-rich, and with the return of the Start button, will help in getting veteran Windows users to accept the new platform. Windows 8.1 will add another slice of usability to the Surface 2 that customers will like.
    4 - Windows 8.1: An Important Step Forward
  • Extra Cloud Storage Is Helpful

    Who can argue with Microsoft's decision to offer 200GB of free cloud-based storage with the Surface 2? Upon booting up the machine, owners can sign up for Microsoft's SkyDrive and get access to all of that additional space. Much has been made about tablets not coming with enough on-board storage, but Microsoft solves that issue with SkyDrive. It's a nice touch.
    5 - Extra Cloud Storage Is Helpful
  • Skype Integration Was a Smart Move

    Microsoft's Skype acquisition is turning out to be one of the best moves the company has made in a long time. With Skype's help, Microsoft is able to bundle full voice over IP (VoIP) calling into the Surface 2, as well as free messaging and full integration across the operating system. Skype calls can even be made from the lock screen in the Surface 2. Skype could be the secret ingredient that helps Windows 8.1 and the Surface grow.
    6 - Skype Integration Was a Smart Move
  • Options for Novices and Professionals

    One of the smart things Microsoft did with its Surface line is to appeal to both casual Windows users and those who need a higher-end experience. The Surface RT 2 is designed for those casual users who simply want to search the Web, access media and push out Office documents. Professionals will find more to like in the Surface Pro 2.
    7 - Options for Novices and Professionals
  • A High but Understandable Price

    At $500 to start, the Surface 2 is by no means a cheap product. And when that same price tag was affixed to the original Surface, those who didn't see the value in Microsoft's product viewed it as extremely high. The Surface 2, however, comes with better components and an overall better experience than its predecessor. Add that to the high-end display and 200GB of cloud storage, and it's conceivable that people would want to spend cash on Microsoft's device.
    8 - A High but Understandable Price
  • Do the Accessories Actually Work Out?

    Microsoft has gone a bit accessory-happy with the Surface 2, but the company's main add-ons—a backlit Touch Cover 2 and kickstand—are actually quite appealing to customers. Microsoft's special mouse or the car charger, like countless other products the company is pushing, might not appeal to everybody, but the basic package is appealing.
    9 - Do the Accessories Actually Work Out?
  • An Enterprise Workhorse

    The corporate world will like what it finds in the Surface Pro 2. The device comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, providing the same performance as a midrange laptop. Plus, it has 512GB of flash storage and the aforementioned covers that double as keyboards. One other great improvement is USB 3.0. Overall, the Surface Pro 2 seems to be one appealing product for enterprise users.
    10 - An Enterprise Workhorse
  • It's the Microsoft Junkie That Loves the Surface

    Can the Surface 2 ever expect to match the iPad in total sales? Of course not. But the device could be successful if Microsoft can tap into its loyal (and still quite large) legion of fans that have stuck by it through its most difficult times. The Surface 2 won't be a sales juggernaut, but if Microsoft can rally its customer base, the device could do surprisingly well in the market.
    11 - It's the Microsoft Junkie That Loves the Surface

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