Top 10 App Picks for Your Amazon Fire Phone

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2014-06-24 Print this article Print

The Amazon Fire Phone, scheduled to reach the market in July, has quickly become one of the most-talked-about devices announced this year. Part of that is because of its unique features, which include four cameras on the front of the device designed to provide a 3D-like experience. There's also on-device tech support and the Firefly feature that will let users automatically access everything from product information to contact data. Ultimately, the Fire Phone's success will likely depend on the support it gets from third-party developers. There's no telling just yet how developers will take advantage of the four cameras or whether Amazon will push hard to make developers see the advantage of supporting its platform. Until we find out, it might be a good time to look at some of the apps currently available in the Amazon Appstore. Although there's no firm confirmation that the apps will be coming to the Fire Phone, the following programs will be fully supported on Amazon's Fire OS smartphone operating system, and it shouldn't be difficult for developers to ensure their programs work with the device. This slide show will take a look at some of the top picks that'd be ideal to find on the Amazon Fire Phone when it launches next month.

  • Top 10 App Picks for Your Amazon Fire Phone

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - Top 10 App Picks for Your Amazon Fire Phone
  • Notepad+

    When business users or consumers need to get some work done, it's important to have a simple notepad app that will allow for just that. With Notepad+, users can handwrite or type notes in various colors and share them via email with others. Those notes can also be printed out or pass-coded for additional security. Notepad+ is currently available for 99 cents.
    2 - Notepad+
  • Outlook for Kindle Fire

    Outlook for Kindle Fire is a must-have for any user who needs quick, easy access to Microsoft's email platform. The 99-cent unofficial app lets users log into their Outlook accounts and do everything from read emails to compose messages. The design on the app is actually a bit nicer than what users would find in Outlook, which makes it even more appealing.
    3 - Outlook for Kindle Fire
  • Planner Plus

    Users looking for a simple solution to plan their daily schedules and tasks will like what they find in Planner Plus. The app, which also costs 99 cents, provides a full calendar view, allowing users to create events, see what they need to do on a given day, and handle tasks, where appropriate. The app is well-design and well worth the 99-cent price tag.
    4 - Planner Plus
  • Clean Master Clears Up Smartphone Memory

    Clean Master is designed to keep an Amazon device running smoothly. The app helps users clear memory and cache and go through tasks to quickly end any processes that are slowing the device down. It should come in handy on the Fire Phone. Better yet, it's free.
    5 - Clean Master Clears Up Smartphone Memory
  • ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

    Although Amazon's forked Android operating system Fire OS is a reliable platform in its own right, security is still a concern. That's why it's important for future Fire Phone owners to download the free ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus app. The program performs regular scans in the background and alerts users to any issues—viruses, phishing scams or filtering—that may be cause for alarm. It's a handy app to have running in the background.
    6 - ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus
  • Applocker Hides Applications

    Have some special apps that you don't want certain people to see? If so, the free Applocker might be for you. The app allows users to pass-code or pattern-lock all or some apps, depending on their preference. The pattern-lock is especially useful since it could be practically impossible for someone to know the pattern that would unlock certain programs. It's a nice security feature that should be added to any Fire Phone.
    7 - Applocker Hides Applications
  • Kindle Security Pro

    Kindle Security Pro is an app worth having for those who are concerned about the state of security in the mobile world. Kindle Security Pro, which costs $3.99, keeps private data behind a pass-lock and performs security scans to eliminate viruses and spyware. The app can also block malicious ads.
    8 - Kindle Security Pro
  • OfficeSuite Professional 7

    If it's productivity the user is after, getting OfficeSuite Professional 7 onto the Fire Phone would be a good move. The app, which is surprisingly expensive at $14.99, provides for full Office functionality, including the ability to edit and save documents and handle all kinds of Office formats. The app is like having a full Office suite on an Amazon device, and it works quite well.
    9 - OfficeSuite Professional 7
  • PDF Max

    At $7.99, PDF Max is a little expensive. Still, the app is an important one to have for those who want to mark up PDFs, place annotations on a document or quickly create their own PDFs. The app's user interface is easy to get used to and allows for a wide range of features both enterprise users and consumers would find appealing.
    10 - PDF Max
  • 'Don't Tap the White Tile'

    All of this talk of work and productivity apps might be a little too much for some to handle. Realizing that, it might be worthwhile to download the extremely addictive (and free) game "Don't Tap the White Tile." The game's title describes what users shouldn't do, but it's much harder than one might think. For those moments when you want to give your brain a break, "Don't Tap the White Tile" is an app you should definitely try out.
    11 - 'Don't Tap the White Tile'

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