WWDC 2013: 10 Things to Expect from Apple's Big Developer Show

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Each year, the Worldwide Developers Conference stands alone in June as the most important event for Apple fans, the media and industry analysts. The event is the opportunity for Apple to show off what it's been working on over the past several months, and also gives the company the chance to promote its latest software versions of iOS and OS X. Apple has typically used WWDC to unveil a new version of the iPhone, though that doesn't always happen. But this year's WWDC will be another major event. Apple CEO Tim Cook will be in attendance to host the keynote address, along with his battery of top executives. Together, they will show the world what Apple's vision for the next year is, and with any luck at all, boost sales on the products the company shows off. WWDC is an extremely important event. And the impact it makes on those who will be watching its keynote could be extremely important to its bottom line in the coming quarters. In other words, WWDC is one important show. But what will Apple show off? As in previous years, the company isn't talking. Still, there's a good chance that the items in the following slides will comprise at least part of Apple's presentation and lead what should be an otherwise strong keynote address at WWDC. Here is what folks should expect from WWDC 2013.

  • WWDC 2013: 10 Things to Expect from Apple's Big Developer Show

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - WWDC 2013: 10 Things to Expect from Apple's Big Developer Show
  • Lots and Lots Apple Stats on Business Successes

    If Apple likes to do anything at its keynote addresses, it is show off all the latest statistics on its successes. However, historically it has spent an inordinate amount of time talking about all those successes. And this year, it'll likely do the same even though many attendees and analysts want to hear more about Apple's plans for the future.
    2 - Lots and Lots Apple Stats on Business Successes
  • Introduction of iOS 7

    Apple's iOS platform is guaranteed to take center stage at WWDC 2013. According to Apple, it will be showing off iOS 7, and recent reports have suggested that it'll come with a dramatically revised look and feel. Many users would welcome that. Only time will tell if that's the case.
    3 - Introduction of iOS 7
  • The Release of a New OS X

    Since the event is for developers, it shouldn't surprise anyone that Apple will also be unveiling a new version of its desktop operating system at WWDC. Apple has made it a habit to launch relatively small (and cheap) upgrades to OS X each year, and for the most part, users are happy with them. Look for Apple to highlight just some of the improvements to OS X at the event.
    4 - The Release of a New OS X
  • An iPhone Trade-In Program Run by Apple?

    Here's a rumor that might turn out to be true: Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone trade-in program that would make it possible for consumers to more easily go from one of its smartphones to another. Best of all, the company would start selling used iPhones at a reduced price. It could be a financial boon for both consumers and Apple.
    5 - An iPhone Trade-In Program Run by Apple?
  • The Much-Rumored iPhone 5S

    Apple's iPhone 5S will likely make an appearance at this year's WWDC. The device is expected to come with the same design as last year's model, but feature some improved components that will make it faster and more powerful. Apple has historically launched iterative iPhone updates at WWDC, and this year should be no different.
    6 - The Much-Rumored iPhone 5S
  • Lots of Developer Chatter About iOS Apps

    One of the worst parts of WWDC is that Apple invites its developer buddies up on stage to show how they're taking advantage of the latest features in iOS. It's annoying, and it causes the show to go on for hours. Here's a hint to Apple: Ditch the developer talk and stick to your products. That's really all people care about, anyway.
    7 - Lots of Developer Chatter About iOS Apps
  • A Relatively Quiet Tim Cook

    The last several Apple press events have proven one thing: Tim Cook really can't stand being the center of attention. He typically walks out on stage to kick things off, talks about Apple's successes, and then turns it over to his executives. Expect the same shy Tim Cook at WWDC 2013.
    8 - A Relatively Quiet Tim Cook
  • A Special Focus on Jonathan Ive

    While Tim Cook might take a backseat at the show, it's quite possible that Jonathan Ive will do the exact opposite. After Scott Forstall, the former head of iOS, was pushed out, Jonathan Ive took over the business of developing iOS. That could mean that Ive will spend considerable time on stage discussing his enhancements to the mobile software. And according to reports, those enhancements are quite numerous.
    9 - A Special Focus on Jonathan Ive
  • Android Comparisons at Every Turn

    Android will also be a hot topic at Apple's WWDC show. Although the company is hardly pleased that Android is so popular, the fact is, it has talked about the ways in which it believes iOS is better than Android. The only way to do that is to bring up Google's operating system. Expect quite a few Android mentions.
    10 - Android Comparisons at Every Turn
  • Silence on the iPad Front

    Don't expect Apple's iPad to make a prominent showing at WWDC 2013. The company's tablet is still relatively new. Apple didn't win too many fans with its decision to release, not one, but two iPads in 2012. This time around, Apple won't make that same mistake. At WWDC, the iPad will be a no-show.
    11 - Silence on the iPad Front

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