Smaller iPad Pro Coming for Those Who Found the Big Screen Too Clumsy

By Wayne Rash  |  Posted 2016-03-05 Print this article Print
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Apple will announce a new iPhone at the March 21 event. The new device will have most of the technology of the iPhone 6S, but the screen will be the size of the iPhone 5. The smaller 4-inch screen is intended to meet the needs of people who prefer the 4-inch screen of the older iPhone design, but with the technology in new devices.

Many rumors claimed the Apple would name the new phone as the iPhone 5SE, but apparently the 5 designation has been dropped. This has the advantage of removing the new iPhone from the annual update cycle that Apple generally follows every September.

Perhaps you've noticed a trend here. If not, let me point it out. We're seeing a smaller iPad Pro and a smaller iPhone. Both have the latest technology, but they're in smaller packages. This isn't an indication that Apple is turning its back on the larger phone and tablet models, but rather a move of inclusion, so that customers who prefer a smaller size can have what they want without compromise.

My experiences with Apple products and screen size bear this out. Some people have smaller hands than others. For them, the larger screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are cumbersome. But with phones everywhere showing ever growing screen sizes, these customers are starting to see limited choices. With the SE model, Apple is giving those customers a way to stay with Apple.

The smaller iPad is also a concession to user preferences, but not in quite the same way. The 12.9-inch Pro is intended, at least partly, to be a laptop replacement. It also competes with Microsoft's Surface, which has a screen nearly the same size. But not everyone needs a laptop replacement. They just need a conveniently sized tablet, something that can fit into a briefcase or backpack without trouble.

My experience traveling with the iPad Pro demonstrated why a smaller size has advantages. While the larger Pro has an amazing screen and a vastly improved sound system that allowed me to enjoy some audio without a headset, there were times when the massive screen was just too much. I type my interview notes using Evernote and the on-screen keyboard, but the larger size was somewhat of a stretch.

Despite the fact that I have very large hands, the 9.7-inch screen of my past iPads was actually a lot more useful. Sadly, my iPad Air has moved into the family food chain from which there is no retreat. So when the new iPad Pro (or Air 3) comes out, chances are I'll trade in the huge screen for one a little less huge. I love the iPad Pro, but I'd love it more if it were a little smaller.


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