Surface Pro Tablet Showing Potential for Big Sales: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-02-12 Print this article Print

5. Design matters in tablets

If Apple’s iPad and Google’s Nexus branding has taught the tablet market anything, it’s that design matters. Microsoft’s Surface Pro certainly capitalizes on that trend. The device’s magnesium finish, prominent display, and thin design make it a contender for best-looking slate. Customers are understandably excited by that.

6. Lots of attention

The nice thing about being Microsoft is that when it launches a product, folks typically tend to care. That’s helping the Surface Pro. Microsoft’s tablet is generating all kinds of attention on the Web, meaning consumers are likely to hear about it quite often. If they find something to like in the tablet, they’ll try to learn more. As they do that, they might just find value in the product. All of the attention being heaped on the Surface Pro is boosting sales.

7. The eventual Windows 8 adoption

Although Windows 8 isn’t exactly the most popular operating system from Microsoft in its early weeks of availability, just about everyone agrees that in the coming months and years, enterprise users will have no choice but to deploy the operating system. As a result, Surface Pro sales should rise as more companies turn to Windows 8. Eventually, Windows 8 will see sales start to soar. And when that happens, Surface Pro sales will rise, as well.

8. Voracious tablet demand

The nice thing about launching a tablet today is that just about every company that understands the average customer is making money. Apple’s iPad is wildly successful as is Amazon’s Kindle Fire line and Google’s Nexus tablets. Even products from second-rate vendors are successful at helping those companies turn a quick profit on slates. The demand for tablets today is extremely strong and Microsoft is capitalizing on this trend while it lasts.

9. Higher-end products deliver higher-end results

Microsoft was one of the few companies in the tablet market to realize that going head-to-head with Apple’s iPad isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, the most prominent company trying to do so—Samsung—has enjoyed some success in the tablet market. Customers like the idea of having a high-end product with high-end components. That’s exactly what Microsoft delivers in the Surface Pro. Sales could stay strong in the coming months as more customers find appeal in its high-end specs.

10. Retailer assistance

Microsoft has partnered with a bevy of prominent retailers to distribute its tablets. Since the Surface Pro has been a big launch, retailers will probably urge their sales consultants to push Microsoft’s device when customers enter the store. The fact is today’s retail successes are in large part due to the way in which certain products are featured in major stores, like Best Buy. Luckily for Microsoft, like Apple, it gets preferential treatment.

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