T-Mobile's New Service Plans Provide 10 Good Reasons to Switch Carriers

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-03-28 Print this article Print

5. It’s growing

Speaking of MetroPCS, the fact that T-Mobile is going to be acquiring that company is extremely important. The move signals that T-Mobile is poised for growth, and it might actually be able to learn a thing or two from MetroPCS management. Remember: MetroPCS is a relatively well-run company. That might rub off on T-Mobile.

6. The iPhone is finally coming

The big thing holding back T-Mobile from entering the arena of wireless giants was its lack of an iPhone. Starting next month, the company will begin selling the iPhone, finally giving it the product it needs to compete more effectively in the marketplace. If the iPhone isn’t a good reason to switch to T-Mobile, what is?

7. No-frills plans

T-Mobile has tried to take all of the guesswork out of its plans. The company’s new plans come with unlimited talk and texting and will set customers back from $50 and up depending on the amount of data they want. It’s a simpler way of doing business that the company says should benefit its business and customers.

8. The ability to leave at anytime

T-Mobile is doing something that other major carriers have tenaciously resisted for years: eliminating subsidies. In their place, customers will be required to pay a set fee every month to help offset the company’s costs. That means customers can leave T-Mobile contracts whenever they want and extends the freedom that so many mobile customers want.

9. T-Mobile’s penchant for innovation

T-Mobile has a strong penchant for innovation, as proven by the recent changes to its plans and device pricing. There’s no telling what the future holds. But if these latest moves are any guide, it might not be long before T-Mobile shows off even more innovative ideas. If innovation is what customers are after—and it should be—going with T-Mobile might not be a bad idea.

10. There’s something exciting about a radical

Don’t underestimate the impact that radical moves can have on customer preference. T-Mobile is doing something that the marketplace deemed impossible just a year ago and it’s getting all kinds of attention because of it. That attention should only help T-Mobile and increase its chances of drawing new customers away from its competitors.

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