Tim Cook Is No Steve Jobs and Doesn't Need to Be: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-12-06 Print this article Print

5. Shareholders don’t expect it

There isn’t a single Apple shareholder that looked at Tim Cook and expected him to make same decisions as Steve Jobs. When Apple’s Board elected Cook CEO on Jobs’ recommendation, shareholders universally understood that they were getting a different man with a different philosophy on how to run the company. If that’s OK with shareholders, it should be just fine with everyone else.

6. His employees respect him

In a recent study of the world’s top CEOs, jobs site Glassdoor found that Tim Cook scored a higher rating than Steve Jobs among employees. If that doesn’t say everything that one needs to know about the man, nothing will. Apple employees respect and believe in Tim Cook. He has achieved that on his own merits and achievements that need no comparison to anything Jobs has done.

7. Being Tim Cook is a good thing

Being Tim Cook isn’t a bad thing. For years, Cook worked as Apple’s supply chain guru, ensuring that the right manufacturers were developing its products at a cost that his boss, Steve Jobs, could live with. Now more than ever, that supply chain knowledge is coming in handy. Because of Cook’s work, Apple is able to get products to store shelves more quickly than competitors and at a price that’s substantially less. Sometimes, an eye on the backend of business is a good thing.

8. A nicer Apple isn’t bad

Under Steve Jobs, Apple had a chip on its shoulder. The company believed that it was the very best in the marketplace and there wasn’t anyone who could tell it otherwise. Plus, Jobs really didn’t like to apologize for any perceived shortcomings, making the company seem cut-off from the average person. Under Cook, however, Apple is somewhat more humble and will more occasionally admit that it’s wrong. Just as importantly, Cook was willing to address Foxconn’s labor issues, only improving Apple’s standing among consumers. Cook brings a nicer, softer side that has been lacking for too long at Apple.

9. Apple doesn’t need a Jobsian leader right now

Does Apple really need a Jobsian leader right now? For years, Jobs’ innovative eye and keen sense of what customers really needed was necessary. But according to reports, Jobs left a product roadmap extending years down the road before he died. Given that, Apple doesn’t need someone to throw out that roadmap and move the company along some darker path. The company needs someone who can implement that product strategy and make key decisions to ensure it works. Tim Cook is that person.

10. Do customers really care?

When Steve Jobs died, some analysts believed that it would negatively affect Apple sales. They argued that some customers were buying Apple products because of Jobs’ charisma. Given the increased sales, it appears customers don’t really care if each and every product doesn’t have the Jobs touch.

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