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Apple iOS 11.3 to Include Battery Monitor, Performance Controls VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Apple adding battery monitor, performance controls to iOS 11.3; Cisco acquires Skyport as cyber-security investments continue; Video game creator now using VR to train against industrial accidents; and there’s more.
Daily Tech Briefing Jan. 26, 2018

EU Fines Qualcomm $1.2B for Allegedly Paying Off Apple VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Qualcomm is fined $1.2 billion in the EU on the claim it paid Apple to use its chips; Apple patches kernel flaws in macOS and iOS security updates; Microsoft releases a Windows app analytics service for developers; and there's more.
Apple Adding Health Records to iOS 11.3

Apple Adding Battery Monitor, Performance Controls to iOS 11.3

NEWS ANALYSIS: The next major update to Apple’s iOS mobile operating system will contain features demanded by users, notably a battery monitor and performance control feature.
Broadcom-Qualcomm Deal

Qualcomm Fined $1.2B in EU on Claim It Paid Apple to Use its Chips

Qualcomm was 'illegally shutting out rivals' that also made and sold LTE chipsets, according to European Union antitrust regulators.

Microsoft Simplifies Embedding Image Recognition Into Mobile Apps

Developers can now use Microsoft's Custom Vision Service to quickly add image recognitions capabilities to iOS and Android apps.

Deloitte Adds to Its Cloud Integration by Acquiring ATADATA

The ATAsphere platform provides automated, integrated cloud migration along with discovery, application mapping, mirroring, and migration for enterprise workloads at scale.

10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change How People Use Smartphones SLIDESHOW

A report by market research firm Gartner predicts that 80 percent of smartphones will have built-in artificial intelligence features by 2022.
Windows 10

Microsoft, Lenovo and JP Debut Low-Cost Windows PCs for Education

Lenovo and JP introduce new Windows PCs for the classroom with prices starting at under $200.
Google Project Fi Data Plan

Google Rolls Out Unlimited Data Plan for Project Fi Wireless Users

Google introduces a new Bill Protection feature will cap data use charges at various levels regardless of how much you actually use, company says.
Daily Tech Briefing Jan. 19, 2018

Apple Reveals Plans That Will Boost U.S. Economy, Create New Jobs VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Apple plans $350 billion in business spending to boost U.S. economy; Google introduces Security Center for G Suite productivity apps; why CA Technologies is moving into collaborative robotics; and there's more.
mobile search

Google to Use Page Speed as Ranking Factor for Mobile Search

Starting July, the speed at which a page loads on mobile devices will play a part in determining website ranking in search results, the company says.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Expected to Headline Mobile World Congress 2018 SLIDESHOW

While the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ expected to be the most prominent smartphone models to make their debut at Mobile World Congress the Sony Xperia Pro may show up hard on Samsung’s heels.

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