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Daily Tech Briefing June 5, 2018

Google's Next-Gen Pixel 3, 3 XL Smartphones Rumored for Fall Release VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google's rumored Pixel 3 smartphones have analysts buzzing, and Microsoft releases performance-enhanced .NET Core 2.1.
macOS Mojave Dark Desktop

Apple Tuning iOS 12 for Stability, Performance; Unveils macOS Mojave

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple tells Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 attendees that the emphasis will be on performance, stability and backward compatibility in iOS 12.
Google Pixel

Google's Rumored Pixel 3 Smartphones Have Analysts Buzzing

The third-generation Pixel phones are expected this fall, according to a report, but Google has a lot to do to be competitive, say analysts.

Augmented Reality Expo Dazzles 6,000 Attendees with New Devices

Announcements included innovations in enterprise, entertainment, cinema, smart wearables, sensing suits, vision and audio enhancement, mixed reality sports and 3-D smartphone technology.

Google Says Pixel 2 Encryption Thwarts Even Privileged Insider Attacks

An encryption feature available with Google Pixel 2 smartphones ensures even an attacker with highly-privileged access to a mobile device won’t be able to access data.

Global Smartphone Shipments to Drop in 2018, Rise Again in 2019: IDC

The dip in China's smartphone shipments in 2017 has dragged down the global market, but India is expected to help lead a recovery in 2019.

iOS 12 Enhancements Tops List of Likely Announcements at WWDC 2018 SLIDESHOW

Improvements to iOS 12 top the list of likely announcements during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference that will convene June 4 at the San Jose, Calif. Convention Center.

Upstart PoLTE Cracks Logistics Location Challenges Using LTE

NEWS ANALYSIS: One of the biggest challenges in logistics is knowing where things are, whether that thing is a shipping container on the back of a truck or a package in a warehouse. This company now has the answer.
Daily Tech Briefing May 25, 2018

Google's Android P to Enhance Enterprise Use of Mobile Devices VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google touts enterprise-friendly features in Android P, and Microsoft gives SharePoint collaboration a mixed-reality twist.

LG G7 ThinQ Smartphone Preorders Start With Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon

Verizon preorders for the new phone begin May 24, while Sprint and T-Mobile preorders begin on May 25.
Disaster recovery

IBM Leads ‘Call for Code’ to Use Cloud, AI for Natural Disaster Relief

Call for Code invites developers to create new applications to help communities and people better prepare for natural disasters.

OnePlus 6 Smartphone Comes With High-End Features at Midrange Price SLIDESHOW

The OnePlus 6 Android handset gets kudos for coming to the market with the high-end features such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, but it gets dinged for looking a bit too much like the iPhone X.

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