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CES Preview: AirSelfie Takes Selfie Stick Concept to New Heights

Among the dozens of demos at CES this year will be one of a little flying drone called AirSelfie--the first pocket-sized camera drone that can be controlled by a phone app.
BlackBerry Ends PRIV Security Updates

BlackBerry Ends Security Updates for PRIV Smartphone

BlackBerry announced it is ending security updates for its PRIV smartphone and says it will close its app store in December, 2019 as the company continues its transition to marketing only mobile security software.

Google's 10 Most Searched-for Mobile, Consumer Devices of 2017 SLIDESHOW

Google has released a list of the most searched-for consumer electronics products for 2017, and not surprisingly the list is dominated by some of the latest smartphone models. But there are some surprises in the list.

Forrester Identifies Key End-of-Year Data Points in IT Business

Tech spending to reach $1.5 trillion next year; Facebook losing young followers; online ad revenue zooms up.
Cisco Security Connector IOS

Cisco Rolls Out New App to Improve Apple iOS Security

A new security app benefits from the Cisco-Apple partnership, bringing enhanced visibility and control for iOS mobile devices.
Microsoft Pix Photo AI

New Google Mobile Photo Apps Tap Experimental Technology

The company's new mobile photography applications are based on Google's experimental Motion Stills technology.

10 Essential Features to Look for in Today's Smartphones SLIDESHOW

Large screens with thin bezels are among the features that smartphone buyers are willing to pay extra for. Here is a rundown on the top features high-end smartphones will have in 2018.
HP Arm Notebook PC

'Always Connected' Windows 10 Arm PCs Arriving from HP, Asus

HP and Asus will be among the first to offer "Always Connected PCs" that run Windows 10 on Arm-based processors.
Apple Pay

Apple Pay Cash Allows Person-to-Person Payments From Apple Devices

Other competing payment apps already have person-to-person payments capabilities, but Apple Pay Cash allows Apple device users to make payments in iMessage.

Apple Pay Cash Adds New Dimension to iOS 11 Mobile Payments SLIDESHOW

Apple has started rolling out a new iOS 11 feature, Apple Pay Cash, which allows iPhone users to quickly transfer funds to family, friends or businesses. The features is being rolled out in the iOS 11.2 update and will only work in the U.S. to start.
Unlocked iPhone X Sales

Apple Starts Direct Sales of Unlocked iPhone X Handsets

Apple's top-of-the-line iPhone X phablet is now being offered in a SIM-free version for customers who want to choose their own carriers.

IDC 3rd Quarter Report Shows Apple a Rising Force in Wearables Market SLIDESHOW

Apple smartwatch shipments jumped 52.4 percent to gain ground on leaders Fitbit and Xiaomi, according to IDC's third quarter 2017 wearables market report.

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