Google Releases a Long List of New SDN Tools, Services

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2014-11-04 Print this article Print
New Google Tools

SDN and NFV have become the hot topics in a networking market that is seeing growing demand for infrastructures that can scale and are more automated and programmable than the traditional hardware-based environments. SDN essentially removes the network intelligence from the underlying physical infrastructure—such as complex and expensive switches and routers—and houses it in software-based controllers. Virtualized networking functions—from load balancing to firewalls—are available as software applications.

Container Engine Debuts as Managed Service

Google Container Engine, in alpha release, is a fully managed service for building and running Docker container-based applications. Google positions it as a combination of fast booting, efficient VM hosts and tightly virtualized network integration to run container-based applications. It is based on the open source Kubernetes project and runs on Google Compute Engine virtual machines.

Google's new Firebase Mobile Solution joined the Cloud Platform team a mere two weeks ago, and already has two new features ready for prime time:

--Richer Realtime Queries is now available. Mobile developers now can sort and filter their Firebase data by arbitrary fields, making Firebase apps faster and easier to build.
--Triggers, which will become available later this year, enables developers to define webhooks that are sent to external APIs when certain conditions are met.

As is trendy in the cloud services world, Google also announced some price cuts, reiterating its statement that "we have an enduring commitment to passing along the savings we receive from Moore's Law to our users." That's apparently the reason that prices have been reduced on network egress (47 precent), BigQuery storage (23 precent), Persistent Disk Snapshots (79 precent), Persistent Disk SSD (48 precent), and Cloud SQL (25 precent).

Updates to Compute Engine and App Engine features announced Nov. 4 include:

--Managed VMs moves into beta and adds auto-scaling support, Cloud SDK integration and support for runtimes built on Docker containers;
--Google Cloud Debugger becomes publicly available in beta. Cloud Platform customers thus no longer have to hunt through logs to guess what's going on with their services;
--Google Compute Engine Local SSD is being released in beta for customer VMs to use as a high-performance scratch disk or to back replicated databases. Local SSD is fast, offering up to 680,000 read IOPS or 280,000 write IOPS;
--Google Compute Engine Autoscaler is launching in beta; it automatically grows and shrinks a fleet of VMs based on metrics our customers define.  

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