How to Properly Commission Your Data Center: 10 Errors to Avoid - Page 2

Error No. 3: Failure to identify clear roles

All team members should have clearly defined roles in the commissioning process. Team members from the commissioning agent and owner side can form the command center group. The principal responsibilities of the command center team include process safety, communications, documentation and emergency response.

IT and facilities personnel are most often charged with performing the actual data center equipment commissioning tests, often working in conjunction with equipment vendor representatives. These groups must focus on safety and on executing procedures in the proper sequence.

Error No. 4: Failure to validate the commissioning script

The commissioning script is the road map that leads the commissioning team through the process. The script consists of line by line procedures that are communicated by the command center and executed by the testing team. All members of the team work from the same script. The author of the script is the commissioning agent. He or she assembles the script based upon weeks of interaction with various equipment vendors and IT and facilities staff.

During actual commissioning, the commissioning agent acts as a conductor of an orchestra. The team members are all like musicians with special skills. The script can be compared to the sheets of music that all the musicians follow, line by line. The script needs to be rehearsed by all the players involved. Any deviation from the script places overall system performance at risk.